Investigate the Beach Quest: BG3 (Baldur’s Gate 3)

You have recently saved a band of explorers who were attacked by goblins and have been granted access to their hideout.

While strolling near the beach, you hear beautiful singing which has drawn your attention to the cove and you notice a child standing there.

Approaching the child, you find out that they are in a trance, and from a distance, a group of harpies are readying to attack.

band of explorers

How to Get Investigate the Beach Quest?

To start the Investigate the Beach quest, you will need to head to the Emerald Grove and proceed making your way north towards the beach.

As you make your way to the cove, the quest will begin and you will be able to hear the harpies singing from a distance.

Investigate the Beach Walkthroughthe harpies attacks you

Once you head lower down to the cove, you may interact with the Tiefling child named Mirkon who is being lured by the harpies.

This will cause a cutscene to begin where the singing starts to get to you but you can resist it by choosing the right dialogue. (Refuse to listen to the songs and tell the child they shouldn’t be there)

Regardless of interacting with Mirkon or heading straight into the water, the harpies will attack you and a fight begins. (It is best to position our ranged characters/casters above before doing this)

You will need to kill all the harpies and speak to Mirkon, who will tell you to go find a boy named Doni so that he can show you the way to see Mol.

speaking with Doni

Follow the waypoint to get to Doni and speak with him to mention that you want to see the Dragon’s Lair and he will show you the way to get inside.

If Doni disappears, you can take a Long Rest before trying again as he will be back but don’t forget to mention the Dragon’s Lair or he will just vanish.

He will have shown you the Concealed Hatch and you may go inside and find Mol as soon as you climb down, who you may speak with.

You can speak with Mol and make an investment in her “thieves’ guild”, which will prompt her to tell you to see her in the city sometime. (quest ends here)

Mirkon Dead

If Mirkon dies, the quest will end and you will no longer get the clues that lead you to find the Tiefling Hideout in Druids’ Grove.

Progressing to the point where the Tieflings are moving out may result in Mirkon already being dead at the feet of the harpies, which makes it important to do this earlier.

Investigate the Beach Quest Rewards

Mol can be found later on again once you have progressed in the game and if you have provided an investment for her, it is believed that this will be rewarded later.


Harpies seem to be living near the Druids’ Grove but they dare not go inside such territory, which results in them using their singing to lure victims.

One of these victims was Mirkon, who would have been dead if you did not help them out, which could have made them harpy food.

After helping Mirkon out, you were provided with a way to reach the Tiefling Hideout which acts as a refuge for the Tieflings.

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