Find Your Belongings Quest: BG3 (Baldur’s Gate 3)

While traveling around the Druids’ Grove, you stumble upon a Tiefling child merchant who offers a sample of one of his wares.

After a brief discussion with the child, you may or may not decide if you want to buy anything but might have looked at what he had for sale.

Upon ending your conversation with the little merchant, you realize that you are feeling lighter than usual, your pockets to be exact.

Passing through the Druids’ Grove

How to Get Find Your Belongings Quest?

The Find Your Belongings quest will begin if you have checked out what the merchant named Mattis has to sell, which starts a Perception Check.

If you fail the Perception Check upon exiting the menu, you will have items missing and these have been stolen by his accomplice. (Quest activates here)

Find Your Belongings WalkthroughInteracting with Mattis to convey that his items has been stolen

You can find Mattis and his accomplice Silfy near the stairs that lead down to the Emerald Grove and may speak with him to see his cheap wares.

After failing the Perception Check, the quest will begin and you can see Silfy rush down a ladder and climb into a hole. (With your belongings)

Telling Mattis that your items have been stolen will get you nowhere and Silfy will only give you a bit of information once you talk to him again.

You will need to find a way to get into the Tiefling Hideout nearby to get your things back, which Mattis suggests you do by speaking to Mol. (She is in the hideout)

Depending on how you enter the hideout, you will need to speak with Mol to prompt a dialogue to get your items back via skill checks or by paying for them.

Obtaining your items via stealing them back or by paying for them will complete the quest but take note, this quest is bugged and may not end up being completed.

How To Enter Tiefling Hideout?Concealed Hatch

There are 2 ways to get into the hideout, which are to fit through the Rocky Crevice that Silfy entered or to go through the Concealed Hatch.

The Concealed Hatch can be unlocked by speaking to a boy named Doni, who may give you access if you pass a skill check.

Another way to get Doni to give you access is to tell him you want to see the Dragon’s Lair but this can only be done after completing the quest called “Investigate the Beach.”

Find Your Belongings Quest Bugged

The Find Your Belongings quest is known to be bugged as speaking to Mol will result in no dialogue appearing to ask for your belongings back.

Stealing from the other children, the chest or the pouch in the hideout has been known to yield no result in completing the quest.

Completing the steps to complete the quest will work for some players and won’t for others, making this quest one best avoided if you don’t want to be annoyed.

Find Your Belongings Quest Rewards

If by chance you can complete the quest, you will have gotten your belongings and you can even steal from the thieves inside the hideout since they have no way to fight back or call for help.


Times are hard in the Druids’ Grove and the other areas around it, which has made all the races enter a troubled state.

This has resulted in even the Tiefling children becoming mischievous as they tend to steal from whoever they can, one even stole an idol.

Although you may or may not get your items back, it is best to avoid Mattis in the first place as you can still enter the hideout without doing this quest.

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