How to Find Mol BG3 (Baldur’s Gate 3)

Mol is the leader of the Tiefling thieves that you find in the Tiefling Hideout but getting to her is not as easy as most people would hope it to be.

This Tiefling sells quite a few things and can give you a quest called “Steal the Sacred Idol” if you get the chance to speak with her.

There are currently two ways for you to get to Mol, which will include going through a small passage or buying your way in by rescuing someone.

Mol Baldur's Gate 3

How To Get Inside Tiefling Hideout?

You can reach Mol in the Tiefling Hideout by entering through the Rocky Crevice near the steps that lead to the Emerald Grove or through a Concealed Hatch.

One of the main reasons you will be looking for Mol is that a couple of kids have stolen your belongings.

1) Rocky Crevice

Rocky Crevice

The easiest way to get into the Tiefling Hideout is to follow Silfy, who runs off and hurries down a later before entering the Rocky Crevice.

This space is narrow and only short creatures can get in, which makes it important for you to be small or to be able to disguise yourself.

If you have Shadowheart in your party and she has the Disguise Self spell, she can change into a smaller creature such as a gnome to open up the entrance for the others.

2) Concealed Hatch

Concealed Hatch

Going through the Concealed Hatch will require that you first complete a quest called “Investigate the Beach”, where you save a child named Mirkon from harpies.

After you save Mirkon, he will tell you to go see Mol and this can be done by speaking to a boy named Doni, who is near the Concealed Hatch.

Doni can be found near Mattis and Silfy (the little thieves) and once you talk to him, you will need to tell him that you want to see the Dragon’s Lair.

Find Your Belongings

If you are searching for Mol, you might have been a victim of the two thieves, and speaking to her will allow you to talk to them. (She gets mad if you were aggressive toward Silfy)

Although this may be an easy way to get to her, keep in mind that the quest has been said to be bugged and may not be completed until further updates to the game are made.


Mol and all the other thieves appear to be children, but this does not mean that they are not sketchy, so be careful what you say.

There’s not much of a threat aside from Mol saying she will just tell you that she will squeal on you but all she does is run around and then return.

There is a bit of loot inside the Tiefling Hideout, and you can steal them from the little thieves without paying for your actions.

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