How To Respec in Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 has a lot of classes that you can choose from but until you have tested them out, sometimes you are not sure which one you want to be.

This is not a problem because after a bit of progress with the main story, you get the option to respect whenever you want as much as you want for a small price.

With this feature, you can later shift to become any class that you want to give you a more enjoyable experience.

Respec Baldur's Gate 3

What is Respec?

Respec or respecialize is a feature that is common in some role-playing games and thankfully, Baldur’s Gate 3 also has it.

This allows players to modify their character beginning from the very first level as well as choose the class that they want.

By respeccing in Baldur’s Gate 3, your character will be brought down to Level 1 (keeping the experience so you can level up) and allows you to change your class.

How To Respec in Baldur’s Gate?skeleton-like being named Withers

Once you progress in the game, a skeleton-like being named Withers will appear in your camp and will remain there for you to interact with.

As you speak with Withers, he will later be able to provide you with certain services at the cost of Gold, which is not that expensive, to be honest.

You can get him to provide you with the option to change your class, which will cost 100 Gold, and bring you into a semi-character creation screen.

From here you will be able to choose the class that you want to change to and afterward, you will be Level 1 all over again.

There is nothing to worry about though, whatever level you previously had, you will be able to level up to that level as the experience is kept.

How Many Times Can You Respec?

Respeccing in Baldur’s Gate 3 does not have a limit and you simply need to have enough Gold, which will always be 100 Gold per Respec.

This makes it easy for players to get accustomed to different classes so that as they progress, they can finalize what kind of character they have.

You can also Respect if you feel a class does not suit you or if you just want to try something new without creating a new game.

Where is Withers?

Withers will always appear after you have made a bit of progression with the main quest and once he appears, he will always be available.

Since different locations will provide you with different camp layouts, you may need to search for him every time in the same spot.

If you are often taking camp in the Nautiloid Crash Region, Withers will always be by one of the boats, waiting to provide you with his services.


Baldur’s Gate 3 has a lot of character progression and sometimes, one wrong move can ruin a whole build, which makes the Respec feature useful.

You can also change to a different class if you get bored or change back if you are missing your old one, provided you have the coin.

As long as you progress a bit and have enough Gold, you will not have trouble respeccing and can do it as much as you please.

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