How To Help Downed Characters: BG3 (Baldur’s Gate 3)

In Baldur’s Gate, there are two ways for a character to go down, which is either being knocked down to the point where they are almost dead or becoming downed.

When this happens, your character will not be able to do anything until they are helped by another one, leaving you vulnerable in a battle.

If they are down at the end of a battle or become downed when not in combat, they can easily be helped back on their feet.

Characters downed in Baldur's Gate 3

Difference Between Downed and Dead

The difference between being downed and dead is that dead characters need to be revived with the use of magic as they have already been killed.

A downed character can be helped back up as they are near the point of dying and have a low amount of health left, but they can still be killed.

Reviving a dead character is more costly but when it comes to helping up a downed character, all you need is to interact with them and have them chug a few potions or rest.

How To Help Downed Characters?Helping Downed Characters

There are two ways to help up downed characters and this is when you are in combat or are helping them up when outside of a fight.

During combat, you should be careful as helping a downed character makes them a possible target, which makes it best to heal them first.

To help a downed character, you need to be within range and will have to select them to prompt the Help action.

This also works on helping up characters that are affected by Ensnared, Entangled, Enwebbed, Prone, and Sleeping.

Downed characters that have been helped up will not be able to perform actions until their next turn, making it best to move them out of trouble first.

Healing Downed Characters

If you plan on helping one of your downed characters up, it’s best to make sure they won’t be downed again the moment your turn is up.

Healing them before helping them back up will give them a chance to fight again but if they are downed outside of a battle, things are different.

When a downed character is healed outside of battle, they will be able to get back on their feet on their own and continue.


Helping downed characters is a good way to bring them back into the fight, especially if you need them during a battle and accidentally got them killed.

Keep in mind that sometimes enemies will continue to attack downed characters, which later requires more effort on your side as you need to revive them.

It’s best to heal a downed character before you help them up and have them move away to get ready for their next turn.

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