How To Remove Bloodless: BG3 (Baldur’s Gate 3)

There are many conditions that characters may be affected by but not all of these come from the environment or the attacks of your enemies.

A certain condition named Bloodless can affect your character if you get a little bit too friendly with Astarion, who you should know by now is a vampire.

After a few nights have passed, you will have a close encounter with him as you wake up from your sleep only to be surprised by a set of fangs that were about to sink into you.

Bloodless Baldur's Gate 3

Bloodless Effects

Once you have been affected by Bloodless, your character will claim to feel woozy, and this takes its toll on you during combat, which causes the following:

  • -1 to Attack Rolls
  • -1 to Saving Throws
  • -1 to Ability Checks (Not all though)

On the other side of things, Astarion will be affected by the condition called Happy, which is his sensation once he has fed on humanoid blood.

Since his vampiric hunger has been temporarily sated, he will gain the following bonuses:

  • +1 to Attack Rolls
  • +1 to Saving Throws
  • +1 to Ability Checks

If you want to keep these effects to boost Astarion but do not want to suffer the effects, you can always use buffs such as Bless to negate them.

How To Become Affected by Bloodless?Speaking with the Astarion your companion

As you progress through the game, you will come across an Exsanguinated Boar, which appears to have been fed on by a vampire.

It turns out Astarion drained its blood and upon the coming of one of the nights that you rest, he will attempt to take a bite from you.

You catch him and interrogate him, which can either lead to you killing, banishing, choosing his targets, or sating his hunger by allowing him to bite and drain you.

Letting him bite you will increase his Approval towards you and in the morning, you will become Bloodless while he will be Happy. (These are conditions)

How To Get Rid of Bloodless?

To get rid of Bloodless entirely, you will need to do a Long Rest, which will remove both Bloodless from you and Happy from Astarion.

This can be done at any time and only requires 1 full night of rest for both the effects to be removed from the affected character and Astarion.

Can You Become a Vampire?

Even if you were bitten by Astarion, you will not turn into a vampire because he is only a vampire spawn and has lesser powers than a true vampire.

Only true vampires can turn humanoids into vampires and since Astarion was turned and became a vampire spawn, the bite only leaves you drained.


While some players are hoping that they could be turned into vampires to harness the powers of darkness, this won’t be happening anytime soon.

Astarion mostly gains the benefit from turning you Bloodless and if you are careful enough, you can negate the effects to be efficient in a fight even with the condition.

Bloodless is not that hard to remove but you should be careful if you are affected by it, especially during challenging battles.

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