How To Get Vision of the Absolute: BG3 (Baldur’s Gate 3)

Spears can be a useful weapon in Baldur’s Gate as they can be used as a two-handed weapon or a one-handed weapon if you equip a shield.

One of the uncommon spears that you can get early in the game is the Vision of the Absolute, which has a knack for hitting enemies in their eyes.

Obtaining this weapon requires that you follow a few steps as it is the result of combining since the original weapons were broken in a fight.

Vision of the Absolute (Baldur's Gate 3)

Vision of the Absolute Stats

The Vision of the Absolute is a Spear that challenges enemies with a Dexterity saving throw, blinding those who fail to pass.

In a fight, this weapon will deal an additional 2-12 Piercing Damage to enemies that feature multiple sets of eyes.



One-Handed Damage

Two-Handed Damage


Equipment Effect

Absolute Night

Rush Attack

Weapon Property

Spear, Thrown, Versatile




How To Get Vision of the Absolute?Shaft of a Broken Spear

Vision of the Absolute is a crafted (combined) weapon, which needs two parts, which are the Shaft of a Broken Spear and the Head of a Broken Spear.

The Shaft of the Broken Spear can be found on Edowin (You find him with Brynna and Andrick) in the Forest to the north of the bridge that leads to the Blighted Village.

Head of a Broken Spear

The Head of a Broken Spear can be obtained by killing (or pickpocketing) the Owlbear, which can be found in the Owlbear Nest.

You can find the nest by following Brynna and Andrick after sending them to avenge Edowin or may head west from where you found them to reach the Cave Mouth. (Entrance to Owlbear Nest)

Once you have both pieces needed to craft the Vision of the Absolute, you may open the menu on either of the items and select “Combine.”

Select the Head of a Broken Spear and the Shaft of a Broken Spear and confirm the combination process to make the Vision the Absolute.


The Vision of the Absolute is a great early-game weapon and since it can be used with or without a shield, this makes the weapon quite handy on most characters.

Its ability to blind enemies can be helpful in a fight, especially if you target and blind powerful enemies to make them less effective in battle.

Enemies that are considered to have multiple sets of eyes can easily be killed, which include spiders, the spectator from the Underdark, and such.

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