How To Get & Use Lump’s War Horn: BG3 (Baldur’s Gate 3)

In Baldur’s Gate 3, you discover a lot of things that may be of good use to you as you progress through the game, and these come in handy when things get tough.

There is an item called Lump’s War Horn, which can be a good way to help you defeat groups of enemies earlier in the game.

Lump’s War Horn is an item that can be used to summon Lump the Enlightened and his two companions, giving you 3 ogres to help you in battle.

Lump’s War Horn Baldur's Gate 3

How To Get Lump’s War Horn?Encountering Lump the Enlightened to get the Ogre Horn

Lump’s War Horn, which is often called the Ogre Horn, can be obtained by encountering Lump the Enlightened and his fellow ogres.

They can be seen discussing what a certain meal tasted like and will speak with you once you get near their group, deciding if they should eat you.

It is during this part that you will be able to get them to offer you their services, which is to appear and kill (and eat) everything around you.

You will need to ask Lump the Enlightened about having his brand, which he answers by telling you he has none as he only wants Gold and food.

The discussion will later provide you with the option to tell him to fight for you instead of the goblins, which is where the skill checks come in.

You will have two choices, which will be:

  • Deceiving him by offering 1000 gold when they show up.
  • Persuading him by telling him that he can eat the flesh of the fallen.

Passing a skill check for these will result in Lump giving you his war horn, which you may use to summon them when you need them. (They leave afterward)

How To Use Lump’s War Horn?

To use the Ogre Horn, you can place it into a quick slot and may click it whenever you want to summon Lump and his companions.

You can also use this straight from your inventory by opening the Ogre Horn’s menu and selecting the Sound option. “Sound (Character Name)” will appear.

Once you have blown the horn, Lump the Enlightened and his Ogre Buddies will come in to attack everything they can in the area until they have been cleared out.

What Happens After Using the Horn?

After Lump and his buddies have made short work of the enemies in the area, they will speak with you, and you may conclude the deal that was struck.

You may either end their service, which will make the horn no longer useful as there will be no more bargain between you and the ogres, or hire them.

Hiring them will require that the next time you summon them, you will need to pay them with Gold, or else they turn it on you. (They are mercenaries of a sort after all)

Lump the Enlightened LocationLump the Enlightened location map

Lump the Enlightened may be found in one of the buildings around the southwest part of the Blighted Village, which reveals him from afar.

Once you are near the building, you will be able to see them from outside since the place is destroyed and they are extremely large.

Entering the Blighted Village requires you to kill the goblins in the area or pass a skill check, so they let you go through the area unharmed.


Lump’s War Horn is one of the best early-game items that you can get as it can help you kill enemies quickly, especially when you are in the Goblin camp and need a hand.

Although the deal ends during the first attack they make after you summon them, you can continue to use their services for the right amount of Gold.

Make sure that you have enough Gold on you when you summon them again or else you will be called a schemer and they will attack you.

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