How to Move & Rotate Objects: BG3 (Baldur’s Gate 3)

Baldur’s Gate features camps that you and your companions can rest in, but things get even better the more you play the game as it also allows you to place objects.

This allows you to place decorative items and more storage containers or you can even leave items lying around for a more aesthetic look.

Placing items is not enough though, sometimes placement is important and from time to time you may want to move something or rotate it to make things fit or make everything look better.

Moving and Rotating Objects in Baldur's Gate 3

How To Place Objects?

To place objects into a camp, you will have to drag them out of your inventory or use any storage that you can access.

All you need to do is select and drag the item and you may position it wherever you want if it does not obstruct other objects.

To pick items back up, you will have to interact with them and select pick up, which will cause them to be placed in your inventory.

How To Move Objects?

If you want to move objects, you will need to select the object in camp and drag it afterward, which will allow you to adjust where it is or move it to another location.

Moving objects is a good way to make sure you fix the space between them or if you want to shift them to another location. (Picking up and placing them is good if it is far)

You will need to be close to the item to move it and may move your camera while doing this to move it further around the camp.

How To Rotate Objects?

Rotating objects can be done by holding an item after dragging or moving it and doing the zoom-in or zoom-out action.

This will allow you to adjust where an item is facing and may even help when items are obstructing each other so you can find the perfect position.

You can only rotate certain items or those that you have placed in your camp as the rest cannot be picked up, moved, or rotated.

Object Collision

Each item has its own space and if this intersects with another object, you cannot place, move or rotate the item until it is in an acceptable spot.

Some items will go on top of others such as items going on tables or on top of crates, which will happen automatically when you move the object over it.

Bigger objects are more likely to collide with other ones, making it necessary to rotate or move them further away to place or reposition them.

Different Camp Setups

If you have been exploring the game and tend to visit your camp now and then, you may have noticed that there are different camps.

These changes will be based on which location you are in and will affect the layout of your camp, leaving your previous one as it was.

If you have set up a camp with objects and go to another camp, the objects will still be there when you visit as this is fixed for the different landscapes.


It’s nice to set up your camp now and then since it makes it feel more like home and you can easily return whenever you want to.

Most of the time people will tend to hoard items and having it all stashed in one container may not feel right, which is why it’s good you can place other storage items in your camp.

As time goes by you may begin setting up certain areas to be more convenient, which is a great feature that the game has.

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