Diablo 4 Light’s Protection Quest Walkthrough

You have gone through multiple challenges all to prove yourself worthy of a blessing but in the end, this was denied by Inarius.

Without the blessing, you will not be able to cross the Black Lake and your pursuit for Lilith will come to an end.

Still, you need to head back to Reverend Mother Prava to give her the news and let her know that Inarius has not approved of your blessing.

Light's Protection campaign quest Diablo 4

How To Get Light’s Protection Quest?

The Light’s Protection quest follows shortly after the Light’s Judgement, where Inarius has recently rejected your request for a blessing.

Light’s Protection Quest ObjectivesSpeaking with Reverend Mother Prava

1) Speak with Reverend Mother Prava in Kor Valar

It is time to give Reverend Mother Prava the bad news, which requires you to go back to Kor Valar and speak to her about what Inarius said.

2) Return to Reverend Mother Prava

Reverend Mother Prava will be outside but she will be speaking to a group but after a few seconds, you will be able to talk to her.

3) Speak to Reverend Mother Prava

Interact with Reverend Mother Prava to speak with her and she will tell you to meet her inside so that the two of you can talk here.

4) Follow Reverend Mother Prava

She will make her way inside and you will need to follow her, which will then allow you to talk to her once more to tell her what happened.

5) Speak to Reverend Mother Prava

You will need to speak with her once again and this time, you will tell her about how Inarius refused to bless you.

Reverend Mother Prava will believe something different and sees you as worthy, which has granted you her approval.

She decides to give you her blessing after all and begins the process, which later ends the quest once she finishes.

Light’s Protection Rewards

After Reverend Mother Prava has completed giving you her blessing, the quest will be complete and you will get XP and Gold.


Even if Inarius refused to give you his blessing, Reverend Mother Prava saw something in you that proved you to be worthy.

She decided to bless you at Kor Valar and because of this, you will now be able to pursue Lilith by going past the Black Lake.

You will need to meet up with Neyrelle to see what she is up to and also give her the news about you being blessed.

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