Diablo 4 Light’s Judgement Quest Walkthrough

You are getting closer to receiving your blessing from Reverend Mother Prava but there is still one more challenge to face.

It appears that you will now need to present yourself before Inarius, who will pass his judgment to determine if you are worthy or not.

All of this needs to be done so that you can get the blessing that will allow you to continue traveling beyond the Black Lake.

Light's Judgement Campaign Quest Diablo 4

How To Get Light’s Judgment Quest?

Light’s Judgment is a quest that comes right after the Pilgrimage quest, which is where you previously went on a pilgrimage as requested by Reverend Mother Prava.

Light’s Judgment Quest ObjectivesInteracting with the Portal of Father’s Radiance

1) Enter the Alabaster Monastery

The Alabaster Monastery will be nearby and you will need to approach the large doors to open them and enter the monastery.

2) Climb the stairs of the Hall of Ascension

Make your way up these stairs and you will arrive at the Hall of Ascension where a portal in the form of a large gate will be present.

3) Enter the Portal of Father’s radiance to submit to Inarius

Interact with the Portal of Father’s Radiance and make your way inside to begin a cutscene where you meet Inarius.

You request for his approval regarding the blessing but he denies you this and later ends the conversation.

After the conversation between you and Inarius, the quest will be complete, leaving you to head back to Reverend Mother Prava to tell her about Inarius’ decision.

Light’s Judgment Rewards

Much like the other quests, you will receive XP and Gold based on your level once the Light’s Judgment quest has been completed.


All of the hard efforts that you put into proving that you were worthy of the blessing and much more seem to have been all for nothing.

Inarius has not considered your request and has left you hanging without the approval for the blessing that you have requested.

Reverend Mother Prava will need to know about this as she is the one who needed convincing before giving you her blessing.

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