Diablo 4 Golem (How to Summon, Types & Upgrades)

If you are familiar with the previous Diablo games, you will probably know that Necromancers can summon Golems once they become stronger

In Diablo 4, the ability to summon a Golem does exist and you will be able to get a hint by checking your Book of the Dead.

Golems can be summoned at Level 25 but there is a catch, you will need to prove yourself worthy first before this can happen.

Golem Diablo 4

Necromancer Golem Quest

To unlock the ability to summon Golems, you will need to complete a quest called Necromancer: Call of the Underworld.

This quest will become available once you reach Level 25 with a Necromancer and will allow you to unlock the ability to summon Golems.

After following the quest and completing all of the objectives, the ability to unlock Golems will now be yours to use.

How To Summon Golem?

To summon a Golem, all you need to do is add the Golem skill, which will now be available among your other skills.

The moment you place the Skill into a Skill Slot, a Golem will be summoned and you can reactivate the skill to cause it to use its ability.

Removing the Golem skill from your Skill Bar will cause the Golem to crumble as it can only be summoned if the ability is equipped.

Golem TypesGolem Types (Skeletal Warriors, Mages & Golems)

There are 3 types of Golems in the game and only one of them can be summoned, which has 2 upgrades that you can choose from.

Only one upgrade may be chosen to provide you with a bonus while sacrificing the Golem removes the ability to summon it but provides a different bonus.

1) Bone Golem

A golem made from bones that can taunt enemies, forcing them to attack the Bone Golem.

  • Upgrade 1 – Sheds a corpse when 20% of its max life is taken as damage.
  • Upgrade 2 – Bone Golem gains 10% Maximum Life and the maximum Thorns they inherit from. you are increased from 30% to 50%
  • Sacrifice Golem – Your character gains a 10% increased attack speed but you will no longer be able to summon a Golem.

2) Blood Golem

A Golem that drains life from nearby enemies to heal and strengthen itself.

  • Upgrade 1 – 15% of the damage you take is absorbed by the Blood Golem.
  • Upgrade 2 – Blood Golem gains 25% damage reduction and 50% increased damage while healthy.
  • Sacrifice Golem – Your character’s maximum life is increased by 10% but you can no longer summon a Golem.

3) Iron Golem

Creates a Golem from steel that slams the ground to stun enemies.

  • Upgrade 1 – Every 5th attack from the Iron Golem causes a shockwave to be released.
  • Upgrade 2 – Iron Golem slam attacks make enemies vulnerable.
  • Sacrifice Golem – Your character deals 30% increased critical strike damage but you can no longer summon a Golem.


Golems have been popular among Necromancers since the earlier Diablo titles and they play a huge role in Diablo 4, making them essentials for your army.

Choosing between the right Golem depends on who you play and what build you are going for but all of them are useful in their way.

While it may take some time before you can start summoning Golems, they provide a big help by tanking enemies and damaging them.

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