Diablo 4 Necromancer Call of the Underworld Quest walkthrough

Being a necromancer has you summoning the undead to fight by your side as you lay waste to enemies with your dark and deadly magic.

To reach your full potential though, you will need to gain the power to summon your Golems, which can be done after this quest.

Once you are ready, you will need to head to the Shrine of Rathma and pray before following a test to prove that you are a worthy necromancer.

Necromancer: Call of the Underworld Priority Quest Diablo 4

How To Get Necromancer: Call of the Underworld Quest?

Necromancer: Call of the Underworld Priority Quest will be obtained once you have reached Level 25 and your first objective will be marked on your map.

This will set you off to find the Shrine of Rathma, where you must pray and follow a set of goals that will later unlock the ability to summon Golems.

Necromancer Call of the Underworld Quest ObjectivesSpeaking with the Spectral Presence

1) Pray at the Shrine of Rathma

You will begin by needing to head over to the Shrine of Rathma and pray by interacting with it, which will summon Maltorius the Master Necromancer.

2) Speak with the Spectral Presence

Interact with Maltorius to speak with him and he will explain what you will need to do next, which later leads to certain tasks.

3) Collect Unbroken Bone

Your first task will be to collect Unbroken Bones, which can be done by defeating skeletal enemies in the area that is marked on your map.

You will not have to go far and if the skeletons run out, you will just need to wait for a bit before they respawn.

A total of 12 Unbroken Bones will need to be collected before you can proceed with the next parts of the Priority Quest.

4) Find the cave containing the Vile Artifact

You will now need to head to a cave called Bitter Cave and will need to enter it to find a vile artifact that is supposed to help you with creating your Golem.

5) Enter the Bitter Cave

Once you have found the Bitter Cave (marked on your map), you will need to enter it to begin your search for the vile artifact.

6) Open the Jar of Souls

A Jar of Souls will be nearby, and you will need to head over to it and interact with it to start collecting souls for your Golem.

Filling the Jar of Souls until the enemies are killed

7) Fill the Jar of Souls

Enemies will begin to appear, and you will need to kill them until the Jar of Souls has been filled, which later results in Maltorius appearing when it is full.

8) Speak with Maltorius

Talk to Maltorius and he will later make you repeat a pledge, which later ends the quest and rewards you with the ability to summon your Golem.

Necromancer Call of the Underworld Rewards

After completing, Necromancer Call of the Underworld Priority Quest, you will be rewarded with XP and Gold.

You will now be able to summon Golems and along with this, you will also have received the Ossified Prayer Beads Amulet.


You first started as a weaker Necromancer who was only capable of summoning petty skeletons but have now gotten so far that you can now summon an undead army.

Maltorius saw the potential and you and has helped you become even stronger after putting your skills to the test.

Now that you have unlocked your full potential as a powerful Necromancer, it is time to crush the forces of evil with your undead powers.

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