Diablo 4 The Woodsman of Nevesk Quest Walkthrough

A woman named Magdalena has been tasked with obtaining an Axe of a certain being called “the woodsman” from the forest.

This was a weapon used by a person who was said to have stalked and butchered travelers but the owner has disappeared.

Magdalena was hired by a priest to search for and retrieve the woodsman’s Axe and has offered a part of the reward if you find it.

The Woodsman of Nevesk (Side Quest) Diablo 4

How To Get The Woodsman of Nevesk Quest?

The Woodsman of Nevesk Side Quest can be obtained by speaking to Magdalena once you return to Nevesk, where a village will now be present.

The Woodsman of Nevesk Quest ObjectivesSearching for the Woodsman’s Axe to the east of Nevesk

1) Search the wilderness for the Woodsman’s Axe

Head over to the location marked on your map to search the area for the Woodsman’s Axe, which will be a large area to the east of Nevesk.

As you explore the area by heading north, you will be able to find the location and the marked area will become smaller and more accurate.

2) Retrieve the Woodsman’s Axe

The Woodsman’s Axe will be nearby and you will need to enter the new area that is marked on your map, which will reveal where an Axe is located.

You will need to interact with an Axe that is embedded into a stump, which causes explosions of blood to erupt, summoning the woodsman.

Fighting with The Woodsman to get the drop the Woodsman’s Axe

An enemy called The Woodsman will appear, and you will need to fight him until you have killed him, which will cause him to drop the Woodsman’s Axe.

Once The Woodsman’s Axe has been dropped, take it and you can start making your way back to Magdalena.

3) Return the Woodsman’s Axe to Magdalena

After returning to Nevesk, speak to Magdalena and she will thank you for your help, ending the quest and providing you with your share of the reward.

The Woodsman’s Axe Location

The Woodsman’s Axe needs to be found for you to retrieve it and you will first be searching a large area but to skip this, you can simply head to the location shown in the image above.

This will be to the most northern part of the area that is marked earlier when you first obtain the quest from Magdalena.

The Woodsman of Nevesk Rewards

Once you have returned the Woodsman’s Axe to Magdalena, the quest will be complete and you will receive the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • 20 Fractured Peaks Renown
  • 1 Murmuring Cache


Magdalena was searching for an item so evil that it seems to have been haunted by its owner who was believed to have been gone.

If it were not for you, Magdalena might have ended up being another one of The Woodsman’s victims if she searched for an Axe alone.

It’s a good thing you came around and finished his task for her, which has also gotten you a bit of the reward in return.

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