How To Level Up Fast in Diablo 4 (Best Ways to Farm XP)

Diablo 4 has a lot of action involved in it and when it comes to fighting enemies, you’ll want to be at the right level to progress further into the game.

Leveling up can be done in several ways and will often occur as you play but certain factors affect how fast you can level up.

The more XP you gain in the game, the faster you can reach higher levels and start hitting those Paragon levels for your endgame builds.

Diablo 4 Leveling

How To Level Up in Diablo 4?

As you defeat enemies, complete quests, and do other activities in the game, your character will gain a certain amount of XP.

XP is short for experience and is collected by characters until a certain threshold is met, which later increases the character’s level.

Each time a character’s level increases, they become stronger and gain an additional skill point, becoming stronger in several ways.

Best Ways To Get XP in the game

Below are some of the best ways that you can get XP to level up quickly in Diablo 4 and are useful even until the time you gain Paragon levels.

1) Campaign Quests

Completing campaign quests to gain leveling

Campaign quests are part of the main story of Diablo 4 and serve as your first way to gain levels and progress through the game.

The more campaign quests you complete, the more you progress and the more your level increases, but the XP gain is not fixed.

XP gained from campaign quests depends on your level, which makes it important to complete as many as you can to get as much XP as possible.

2) Side Quests

Gaining XP by completing side quests

Just like with Campaign Quests, Side Quests are a great way to get XP and these also scale based on your current level.

A good way to level up whenever you need a few levels and cannot progress is to do Side Quests as these will give you a big drip of XP.

Since there are several Side Quests in the game, you can easily boost your character’s level as needed when moving to more difficult areas.

3) Region Progress

Gaining Bonus XP by completing region progress

Region Progress completion is great not only for gaining Bonus XP but also to get several rewards that can benefit you later on.

There are several ways to gain region progress and once you meet a certain amount of Renown, you can claim rewards.

Rewards include Bonus XP, Skill Points, Potion Capacity, and more and these are perfect for those who love to explore and earn bonus goodies on the side.

4) Joining Events

Completing events to gain XP and Gold

Events will occur from time to time, and you will easily be able to join in on them by simply participating when they are active.

Completing events will give you XP and Gold in the end as well as a chest that has rewards based on your performance during the event.

Joining events often is a good way to get XP for not only completing the event but also for killing enemies that spawn during them.

5) Increase World Tier

Increasing World Tier to gain more XP

The World Tier that you play on will determine how much XP you gain as well as the rewards you get when you progress.

Playing on higher World Tiers will guarantee that you get more XP, Gold, and better times, rewarding you for a slightly more difficult challenge.

You can change the World Tier whenever you like and it is recommended to play on Veteran from the start as it is still easy and rewards you with more.


Leveling up in Diablo 4 is not as hard as some may think it would be and if you stick to completing the Campaign and Side Quests, you should reach higher levels soon.

There are a lot of additional things that you can do in the game to get XP on the side as well as other rewards for exploring and completing dungeons.

Keep in mind that the more you complete, the more you get and this includes a lot of XP now and then, so don’t forget to explore, complete and take on all challenges when possible.

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