Diablo 4 Gem Crafting Quest Walkthrough

The Gem Crafting Priority Quest serves as an introduction to altering gems by crafting them out of lesser ones that you have obtained.

This will allow you to interact with Jewelers in Sanctuary once you have finished the Priority Quest, which can be done by speaking to Kratia.

For this Priority Quest, you will simply need to complete the process of crafting a gem of any type to learn how the feature works.

Gem Crafting (Priority Quest) Diablo 4

How To Get Gem Crafting Quest?

The Gem Crafting Priority Quests are shown even in your earlier levels but this only becomes available for completion once you have reached Level 20.

Once you are Level 20, you may head over to Kratia in Kyovashad and speak with her, to begin with the completion of the quest.

Gem Crafting Quest ObjectivesCrafting Items

1) Speak with Kratia

Once the quest is available, head over to Kratia and speak with her for a quick introduction to the services she provides.

2) Craft a Gem

The next step is to Craft a Gem, and this can be a gem of any type if you have the resources to craft it, which can be done after speaking to the Jeweler.

Once you speak to Kratia, the first menu will allow you to Craft Gems and you can choose which one you want to craft.

You will be able to see which ones can be crafted based on the materials that you have whether they are on you or in your inventory.

Gem Crafting Rewards

Once you have crafted your first gem, the quest will be complete and you will receive XP and Gold with the addition of Jewelers now accessible in all locations.


Being able to craft gems is a good way to prepare better ones for later placing them in socketed items as these can be good potential boosts for your gear.

Unlocking the Jeweler services will allow you to remove gems from sockets, create sockets in items as well as upgrade Jewelry.

These features will allow you to further improve your stats, which can become vital later when you face tougher enemies.

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