Warframe Lephantis Guide 2024 (Weakness, Drops, Location & Defeating)

Lephantis is a large Infested boss that has been living since the Old War and is one of the largest bosses that you may encounter in Warframe.

Several Warframes can be used based on their abilities to easily take on Lephantis but as long as you can dodge attacks or withstand them, you have a good chance.

This infested boss may be large and deadly, but it possesses weak spots that exist based on the enemies that it has assimilated with.

Lephantis Boss Warframe

Lephantis LocationLephantis encountered during the Magnacidium Assassination Mission

Lephantis is encountered in the Magnacidium Assassination Mission, which is unlocked once you have the Dirus or Hyf missions in Deimos.

Starting this mission will send you into an Orokin Derelict that you will need to fight your way through until you reach the location where Lephantis is hiding.

How to kill Lephantis?

At the start of the mission, you will need to make your way to the marked location, which is where Lephantis will be waiting.

Phase 1

Make your way to the marked location and Lephantis will appear, which will begin the first phase with different heads.

These heads will emerge from the ground and attack you and your team and burrow back now and then so taking them out may be hard if you can’t aim your shots in time.

There are 3 different heads, which are the following:

Infested Corpus

Infested Corpus one of the Lephantis head

The Infested Corpus is a long-range enemy that spits toxin grenades which will deal significant damage over time if the player is not careful.

It also can unleash infested pods that spawn infested enemies to attack you and the other members of your squad.

The shape of the head resembles a Corpus helmet where the opening of its front or mouth-like part can be shot to deal damage to it.

Taking this out is advised since it can spawn more infested forces which may be a nuisance to you and your team.

Ancient Infested

Ancient Infested one of the Lephantis head

The Ancient Infested has a long snout like most infested ancients with large flaps on the sides that open when it attacks.

It will attempt to spit out a projectile that will attach to a surface and explode into smaller exploding projectiles.

Once this head opens to unleash its projectiles, you will have an opportunity to deal damage to it in the red parts of its flesh.

Infested Grineer

Infested Grineer one of the Lephantis head among the three

The Infested Grineer is a close-range enemy and will attempt to attack you with its large scythe-like weapon.

Its attacks may be dodged with a well-placed roll and during its attacks, it will occasionally slow down when swinging horizontally or get stuck when taking vertical swings.

Shooting this head in its mouth will deal damage to it but you may also deal damage by shooting the face that is hidden under its chest.

Phase 2

Lephantis has started attacking

Phase 2 begins after you have dealt enough damage to all of Lephantis’ heads during the first phase, which causes it to collapse the arena.

You will drop down to a large area where its head is not visible along with its body and Lephantis will begin to attack you while also moving in on your location.

You will need to deal damage to each of the heads, which will cause them to explode once you have got enough hits in.

After all of the heads have exploded, destroying the last head will kill Lephantis and you can extract from the mission afterward.

Lephantis Drops

Upon defeating Lephantis, players will be rewarded with a random part that is necessary to craft Nekros.

Lephantis has the chance to reward the following Nekros parts:

  • Nekros Neuroptics: 33.33%
  • Nekros Chassis: 33.33%
  • Nekros Systems: 33.33%


  • Using weapons that are accurate and deal high amounts of damage is a great way to hit the weak spots on Lephanti’s head.
  • Corrosive and Heat damage are suitable for infested enemies, as these do well against their armor and flesh.
  • Each of Lephantis’ heads will have a delay after they attack, giving you a good amount of time to get hits into them.


The different heads that attack you can easily be taken out during the first phase but during the second phase, you need to be a bit more careful not to get cornered.

Lephantis will continue to attack you with the same attacks, and these become predictable enough for you to avoid getting hit.

This infested boss is often repeated by players who wish to obtain Nekros for farming purposes due to its ability to force enemies to spawn loot.

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