Warframe Lech Kril Guide 2024 (How to Defeat, Location, Drops & Weakness)

Lieutenant Lech Kril is a Grineer boss who is encountered on both Mars and Ceres and is known to be a war hero amongst the Grineer.

Wielding a Brokk Warhammer and a Gorgon, this boss attempts to come to the Tenno relentlessly until he kills them.

Aside from the impenetrable armor that he wears and his weapons, he has both Heat and Cold abilities that he uses to his advantage in fights.

Lieutenant Lech Kril boss Warframe

Lech Kril LocationLech Kril location is Mars or Ceres

There are two locations in the system where Lieutenant Lech Kril may be encountered, which can be found on either Mars or Ceres.

Lieutenant Lech Kril is encountered in the War (Assassination Mission) on Mars or can be found fighting alongside Captain Vor in the Exta (Assassination Mission) on Ceres.

How to kill Lech Kril?

Phase 1

Attacking Lieutenant Lech Kril who is with the armor

The first phase has you avoid Lech Kril’s attacks while attempting to weaken him by stripping off his armor as he attacks in patterns.

The lieutenant is equipped with very durable armor and while it seems that he cannot be damaged, you can make him vulnerable after shooting the glowing weak spot on his back.

Once you see the tank on his back glowing, you must shoot at it, and this will cause a hose to detach and will cause him to frequently freeze himself when he slams his hammer.

Lech Kril is frozen after your attack

Whenever Lech Kril becomes frozen, this will give you a chance to deal a small bit of damage to him and this will occur now and then.

After damaging him while he is frozen 4 or 5 times, this will remove his armor, causing him to burst out and start dealing Heat damage.

During this phase, other Grineer enemies will support Lech Kril by attacking you, which may make it important for you to take cover.

Phase 2

Lech Kril is causing heat damage

After becoming vulnerable, Lech Kril will continue to attack you but this time he will have additional attacks, which deal Heat damage.

You will be able to damage Lech Kril normally now and will be able to defeat him by depleting his health with damage from your weapons or Warframe.

Grineer enemies will continue to attack during the second phase and even after Lech Kril has been defeated.

Lieutenant Lech Kril WeaknessesLech Kril Weaknesses

Although Lech Kril is invulnerable during the start of the fight, he later can be killed but he still has quite a high amount of health and armor.

The following are Lech Kril’s weaknesses:

Shield (400)

  • Magnetic+++
  • Cold++
  • Impact++

Alloy Armor (250)

  • Radiation+++
  • Cold+
  • Puncture+

Cloned Flesh (4000)

  • Viral+++
  • Heat+
  • Slash+

Lech Kril Drops

Upon defeating Lech Kril, he has the chance to drop various items and once you extract them, you will receive one of the Component Blueprints for Excalibur. (Warframe)

Lech Kril may drop the following items when killed:

  • Cryo rounds
  • Killing Blow
  • Lech Kril Sigil
  • Molten Impact
  • Stretch
  • Orokin Cell
  • Out of Sight

Lech Kril has the chance to reward the following Excalibur parts:

  • Excalibur Neuroptics: 38.72%
  • Excalibur Chassis: 38.23%
  • Excalibur Systems: 22.56%


  • Shoot Lech Kril’s tank when it glows as soon as you can to begin damaging him since he will start to freeze himself and you can eventually progress to phase 2.
  • Warframes that can endure damage or that have protective abilities such as shields of buffs may come in handy to avoid damage so more focus can be given to killing Lech Kril.
  • Radiation damage is great against him since it can inflict the irradiated status effect, causing the Grineer nearby to attack him.


Lech Kril can be quite a challenge for newer players, making it important to get accustomed to how he can be defeated.

This boss is pretty much unkillable until phase 2 but once his armor has been stripped, he can go down in mere seconds.

While defeating Lech Kril seems to put an end to him on Mars, he is later seen alongside Captain Vor on Ceres as they will team up to fight you.

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