Guide on Defeating Lieutenant Lech Kril in 2022

(Lieutenant Lech Kril shown when encountered in mission)


Lech Kril is an experienced war veteran and know to be very powerful, well not anymore.

When it comes to how to kill Lech Kril, there is an easy way that requires you to follow a few steps to put down this boss.


(War mission on Mars)


LT Lech Kril may be fought in the War mission on Mars.

Special Rewards

(Excalibur parts acquired from mission)


Once you have defeated Lieutenant Lech Kril and extracted from the mission you should receive a random Excalibur part.

Lech Kril has the chance to reward the following Excalibur parts:

Excalibur Neuroptics: 38.72%

Excalibur Chassis: 38.23%

Excalibur Systems: 22.56%

How to kill Lech Kril?

(Volt fighting the Lech Kril)


Lieutenant Lech Kril attacks in a pattern and identifying his moves will help know the steps required to take him down with little effort.

He will be invulnerable at first but once you see his tank glowing you must shoot at it and this will cause a hose to detach.

Phase 1


Once a hose has detached he will follow with a series of attacks which may be melee or ranged and will eventually attempt unleash a wave of ice by slamming the ground.

He will be frozen if his hose is detached and freeze himself which allows you to attack him since he becomes vulnerable.

This pattern will occur 4 times before being able to deal actual damage to Lech Kril.

Phase 2


Once the first phase is complete, after attacking him when he has frozen himself 4 times, he will become vulnerable.

From here on you may freely attack him and depleting his health will defeat him.

LT Lech Kril

(Lieutenant Lech Kril information)


Lech Kril is a Grineer war hero, fully geared with full armor making invulnerable from damage.

He wields a war hammer and a Gorgon and uses both heat and cold abilities to kill his enemies.

His cold abilities have a resemblance to Frost’s abilities which are Freeze and Ice Wave.

For his heat abilities he has Fire Wave which is similar to the Ice Wave ability but with the exception of being heat instead of ice.

He also has the Fire Barrier ability that creates a barrier of fire that destroys projectiles that attempt to high him.


(Lech Kril defeated)


Bringing a weapon that can hit a large radius or that can be aimed for the weak spot on Lech Kril’s back can be a huge advantage.

Warframes that can endure damage or that have protective abilities such as shields of buffs may come in handy to avoid damage so more focus can be given to killing Lech Kril.

Radiation damage is great against him since it can proc the irradiated status effect.

(War mission results)


Once you have defeated Lech Kril and extracted you will receive a random Excalibur part that will be needed to craft the Warframe.

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