Warframe Captain Vor Guide 2024 (Defeating, Location, Drops & Weakness)

Captain Vor is one of the very first bosses that you encounter in Warframe, he is a Grineer Captain who possesses a powerful artifact known as the Janus Key.

You are sent to assassinate him after the Lotus has discovered the power that he yields, which results in the need for him to be stopped due to his various plans.

While he may appear to be one of the easier bosses, he appears more than once due to the power of the Janus Key, but the first encounter can still prove to be difficult for new players.

Captain Vor Boss Warframe

Captain Vor LocationYou can encounter Captain Vor on Mercury who is in Tolstoj

Captain Vor is encountered by the Tenno once they have reached Mercury and will be in Tolstoj, an Assassination mission that can be unlocked after progressing on the planet.

You will need to complete various nodes on Mercury before you can challenge Captain Vor in Tolstoj but other variants of him later appear in different locations.

How To Defeat Captain Vor?Fighting with Captain Vor

Once you start Tolstoj (Assassination Mission), you will need to progress to Captain Vor’s location, which will usually be around 300-500 meters from where you deploy.

Vor will begin attacking you with different attacks, which include those from his Cronus (melee weapon) and his Seer (secondary weapon) while using his Janus Key.

He can easily be damaged with weapons and abilities, but he is also accompanied by other Grineer and can deal quite a bit damage to new players.

Captain Vor is teleporting

Captain Vor will teleport across short distances while shooting you with his Seer if you are far from his reach but will attempt to slash at you with his Cronus if you are close.

Damaging Vor while he is attacking will cause him to use the Janus Key to make a barrier that blocks all kinds of damage as he regenerates his shields.

When his barrier is active, it is best to take out the enemies around you so you can focus more on him once his shield is gone.

After Captain Vor has recharged his shields, you will be able to attack him again and will need to repeat this until he is killed. (This results in him blowing up and splitting into two)

He will activate his barrier 2 times before being able to finally be killed, regardless of if the other enemies are still standing.

Captain Vor Weaknesses

Captain Vor possesses a certain amount of shields which needs to be depleted before you can damage him, which eventually leads to his Alloy Armor and Cloned Flesh.

The following are the weaknesses of each of Captain Vor’s stats:

Shield (900)

  • Magnetic+++
  • Cold++
  • Impact++

Alloy Armor (250)

  • Radiation+++
  • Cold+
  • Puncture+

Cloned Flesh (900)

  • Viral+++
  • Heat+
  • Slash+


Captain Vor is the weakest among the bosses in the game and does not pose much of a threat like most enemies.

While Captain Vor is regenerating his shields and protected by his barrier, it would be a good time to take out the other enemies nearby.

Dealing Viral Damage to Captain Vor will cause his shields to take damage over time before his health goes down, which can be a good way to run and gun him.

Captain Vor Drops

Upon defeating Captain Vor in the Tolstoj assassination mission, he has the chance to drop the following items:

  • Quickdraw
  • Slip Magazine
  • Vitality
  • Gunslinger
  • Heated Charge
  • Vor Sigil
  • Intensify
  • Orokin Cell

During this mission, you may also obtain the blueprint for the Cronus (melee weapon) and Seer (secondary weapon), which are seen being used by Captain Vor.


Facing Captain Vor appears to be one of the earlier missions that will get the Tenno accustomed to fighting bosses, being an easy fight to win.

Eximus Units may be present in the fight against Captain Vor, and it is best if you take them out if you have the chance to avoid taking too much damage.

Captain Vor is later resurrected by the Janus Key, and this is hinted at when the relic glows just before he is split in half after you defeat him.

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