Warframe Infested Salvage Mission 2024 (How to Do, Rotation Rewards & Location)

Infested Salvage is a type of Endless Mission in Warframe that has the Tenno infiltrate an Infested Ship where they must retrieve shipping manifests.

This is a way for players to obtain a Warframe known as Nidus, which is themed based on the Infested enemies in the game.

Players will need to provide Lotus with access to the ship’s manifest by powering 3 consoles required to decrypt them while also surviving the environment and fighting back against the Infested.

Infested Salvage rare mission in Warframe

Infested Salvage Gameplay

During the Infested Salvage mission, you will need to continuously power 3 Vaporizer Units by collecting Antiserum Charges from defeated enemies.

These are deposited by interacting with the Vaporizer Units once you have collected the Antiserum Charges. (You can hold 3 at a time and will need to interact with the units)

Having more Vaporizer Units will provide you with faster progress, making it necessary to multitask or play with a group. (More players slightly prolong the process)

Each rotation will be complete once 100% has been reached, which will provide you with rewards from the Infested Salvage Drop Table.

Infested Salvage LocationLocation of infested salvage is planet Eris

There is currently only one Infested Salvage Mission in Warframe Oestrus and this can be found on the planet Eris by opening your Navigation Menu.

Before you can begin an Infested Salvage Mission, you will need to unlock nodes on Eris, which include the Isos mission.

How To Play Infested Salvage? large room with the three Vaporizers

Once the mission begins, make your way to the large room where you will find three Vaporizers (marked as A, B, and C) and enter the marked area. (Shown by a glowing circle)

Infested enemies will begin to spawn, and you will need to kill them to get them to drop Antiserum Charges that you will use to power the Vaporizers.

Once the Vaporizers are powered, they will cover a certain area, and when these reach the Infested Data Console, the Decrypting process begins.

The goal is to complete the Decrypting process, which will be sped up if you have more than one Infested Data Console within the range of the powered Vaporizer.

After the progress reaches 100%, the rotation will be complete, and you will be rewarded with an item from the Infested Salvage Drop Table based on which rotation you have completed.

Armor IntegrityInfested Data Consoles

The longer you stay out of range of the Vaporizers, the more your armor will decay, and this is represented by the Armor Integrity under the Antiserum indicators under the mini-map.

This is caused by a Corrosive Agent present in the area, and it will result in your Warframe’s armor being reduced and the Infested Data Consoles being damaged.

Losing your armor will result in your Warframe taking more damage while the Infested Data Consoles may be destroyed, which will slow down your progress with each round.

To remove the effects from your Warframe, you will need to interact with the Medical Station, which has the option to “Administer Serum” when you interact with it. (Uses 1 Antiserum)

Purge ConsoleCreating more damage to the enemies using the Overload Power Console

When things begin to get too dicey for you and your team, you can use the Overload Power Console to deal a massive amount of damage to enemies in the area.

Activating this console will send out a pulse that deals heavy damage to all enemies as it expands, making it easy to clear enemies to collect Antiserum or to finish up a round.

There is a cooldown that you need to wait for before you can use the console again and a hint that it is ready will be when the hallway lighting changes to white. (An alert also can be heard when ready)

Invested Salvage RewardsRewards for completing each round of infested salvage

Upon completion of each round, you will be able to obtain a reward from the Infested Salvage Drop Table, which differs based on each rotation.

Their rotations repeat themselves after a set of 4 have passed, which are Rotations A, A, B, and C, each with their drop tables.

The following are the possible drops for each rotation of Infested Salvage:

Rotation A

All the rewards from Rotation A have a 10% chance of dropping and these will always be the first 2 rounds of each pattern in the mission.

  • Magazine Warp
  • Trick Mag
  • Vitality
  • Neo D8
  • Neo F2
  • Neo K6
  • Neo K7
  • Neo N23
  • Neo S18
  • Neo Z10

Rotation B

The following are the rewards that you and your team may get whenever you have completed a third round in Infested Salvage (All have a 6.67% chance to drop):

  • Deep Freeze
  • Hell’s Chamber
  • Hornet Strike
  • North Wind
  • Reflex Coil
  • Shocking Touch
  • Streamline
  • Axi A17
  • Axi B6
  • Axi G10
  • Axi G11
  • Axi G12
  • Axi H6
  • Axi L6
  • Endo (150)

Rotation C

This rotation is the 4th rotation since rotations are counted as A, A, B, and C as the last, with all the items in Rotation C having a 14.29% chance to drop:


The faster you can clear out enemies in this mission, the more often you will be able to pick up Antiserum Charges.

It’s best to use the Power Overload Console when you want to quickly clear out the enemies in the area when most needed as the cooldown can take a while.

Warframes that can kill several enemies with their abilities can easily generate a lot of Antiserum since enemies will continuously spawn when killed.

It is best to rotate when providing power to the Vaporizers so that you can time everything properly and maintain a steady Decrypting process.


An Infested Salvage mission can usually last up to 20 minutes or less if focused on the Vaporizers with each round being around up to 3 to 5 minutes.

Almost any Warframe can be efficiently utilized if you have a way to kill enemies and get to each of the Vaporizers to power them.

Playing with a squad can make maintaining the Vaporizers an easy task as there will only be 3 Vaporizers, where a squad member can guard one and another roams.

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