Warframe Infested Salvage 2023 Guide


Oestrus which is an Infested Salvage mission which is a unique mission found on Eris that pits you against the infested and rewards you later on with either endo, relics, mods and this is also where to get Nidus parts.

The objective of the mission is to enable Lotus to access the ship’s manifest by using 3 consoles to decrypt them.

This is hindered by the infested enemies and the fact that there is a corrosive agent in the area causing both the armor of the players and the health of the consoles to drop.

For those wondering how to get Nidus parts, you need to reach rotation C which is every 4 rounds in the mission.


Starting the Mission


Begin my reaching the marked area and activate the mission by interacting with the console.

Enemies will begin to spawn and you will need to kill them to survive and acquire antiserum charges.

Collecting Antiserum Charges


When enemies die, there is a high chance for them to drop antiserum charges which must be collected to activate vaporizers that create a protective shielding around an area that eventually covers the console and allows it to continue with the decryption.

You may only hold 3 antiserum charges at a time.

Activating Vaporizers


Once a vaporizer has been activated, it will create a barrier offering protection from corrosive agent and it will allow the consoles to begin decrypting again.

Vaporizers has a capacity of 3 antiserums and this can be shown by how big its barrier is.

They will eventually power down and then fully deactivate which means you will be required to continuously provide them with antiserum charges.

The more vaporizers that are maintained properly will result in a faster decryption process so it is best to go with a team or get a Warframe that can kill enemies in a large area.

Your goal is to keep as many vaporizers as you can powered in order to finish the decryption quickly.

Armor Decay


Eventually your armor will decay and you will damage over time while at the same time you will begin to hear a strange voice.

To rid yourself of the effects of the corrosive agent, you may activate the console labeled with a white marker to restore your armor at the cost of an antiserum charge.

Purge Console


When you or your squad feel like the infested are gaining the upper hand and you are about to be overrun, you may activate the console with the yellow marker to purge the area of infested.

Upon activation a pulse will be released which will kill all the infested that it comes in contact with, basically killing all the infested.

Using this console will cause it to be unavailable for a certain amount of time so it must be used wisely.

Mission Completion



Once the decryption is finished there will be a timer before the round is completes where you will see your rewards and can choose whether to extract or fight on.



Bringing Warframes that can deal damage to large areas will greatly benefit by wiping out enemies and causing more to respawn, thus increasing the speed of which you may acquire antiserum charges.

It is best to have a squad with you so more people can help out with maintaining the vaporizers.

Nekros, Hydroid and other farming Warframes can force loot from enemies, increasing the chance enemies will drop antiserum charges.


Infested salvage missions will usually take 10 to 20 minutes depending on which Warframes you or your squad is using as well as your ability to keep vaporizers running.

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