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Inaros is an ancient Warframe that has been awakened who has the powers of the deserts and sands along with a hunger for the living.

He is one of the sturdiest Warframes in the game and has the highest base health of all Warframes along with a decent armor making him an excellent tanker and is great for being on the front lines.

How to Get Inaros?



Inaros’ blueprints and parts are rewarded during and upon completion of the Sands of Inaros optional quest which can be purchased from Baro Ki’Teer for 100 Ducats and 25,000 credits.

Instead of doing the quest to obtain Inaros, he may be purchased via the market in the orbiter for 225 Platinum.

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Inaros has the power to blind enemies with cursed sand, pull enemies towards him to devour, turn into a destructive tornado of sand and sacrifice his health to boost his durability as well as unleash swarms of scarabs to consume his enemies.

His passive ability is Undying, which allows him to transform into a sarcophagus upon receiving lethal damage where he has a chance to pull and consume enemies to revive himself.



Inaros throws cursed sand in front of him causing all enemies to be blinded and stunned for a duration as well as open them up to finisher attacks.

Killing enemies stunned by Desiccation will regenerate health.

This ability is great for killing enemies easily by stunning a large group then attacking or stunning a heavy enemy and killing it.

The ability works great when an overwhelming amount of enemies are present as this can be used for crowd control.

(In the below image you can see Inaros casting Desiccation on a group of enemies)



Augment Mod: Desiccation’s Curse causes blinded enemies that are killed to have a 75% chance to spawn a sand shadow to fight for Inaros.



Devour is a channeling ability and will cause Inaros to pull an enemy towards him to be devoured.

Enemies pulled will be devoured by Inaros, giving him health and

Upon the enemy’s death from being devoured, it will turn into a sand shadow that will fight alongside Inaros.

This ability is great for holding on to enemies for other allies to kill or for regenerating health for Inaros as well as the added bonus of having minions to fight for you.

(In the below image you can see Inaros channeling Devour and consuming an enemy)


(In the below image you can see Inaros standing next to sand shadow)




Inaros starts spinning and conjures a tornado-like sandstorm that picks up enemies and causes them to be tossed around and take damage.

Enemies that are in quicksand (caused by casting Devour on enemies and leaving them stuck) will be consumed as well and will create a sand shadow upon death.

This ability is great for causing havoc and can be used for either damage to groups or crowd control to not only damage them but to pick them up and allow allies to attack them or simply just toss them away.

(In the below image you can see Inaros during Sandstorm along with enemies flying around)



Augment Mod: Elemental Sandstorm gives a chance to cause status effects on enemies based from the elemental mods that are equipped in Inaros’ weapons.

Scarab Swarm


Inaros converts his health into armor draining it until he reaches a max amount of 100% armor which will enable him to endure more damage.

He can send out a swarm to enemies which will damage them over time and spread to their nearby allies doing the same at the cost of 25% of the armor and some energy.

This is one of Inaros’ best abilities as it can make greatly reduce the damage that he takes from enemies along with option of sending out swarms of scarabs to kill groups of enemies.

(In the below image you can see Inaros converting health into armor)


(In the below image you can see Inaros’ casting Scarab Swarm on enemies)



Augment Mod: Negation Swarm will cause Inaros’ bonus armor to resist status effects at the cost of reducing his bonus armor.

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Suggested Builds

Bruiser Build


This build is mainly to allow Inaros’ to have a large amount of health so he can withstand more damage and easily use Scarab Swarm to increase his armor.

Most of the mods will increase is prowess when it comes to resisting damage along with the bonus from set mods to give him an edge with melee weapons (Gladiator Mods) and a good supply of energy (Hunter Mod).

A decent amount of efficiency and range will give Inaros’ a benefit for casting skills such as Desiccation to stun enemies when necessary.

This build is great for those who like to charge towards the enemy and take everything head on and will ensure decent survivability during missions, this is especially a good build for melee lovers.

(In the below image you can see Inaros’ barely taking any damage from enemies)


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Balanced Build


This build gives Inaros’ the ability to cast most of his skills with decent range and a good duration while the strength and efficiency have also been bolstered by a bit.

It ensures that Inaros’ can make use of most of his abilities during combat while still having the endurance he was intended to have.

This build is viable for those who wish to use his skills for their advantage along with any weapons they prefer to have equipped with Inaros’ during missions.

(In the below image you can see Inaros using Devour on an enemy after casting Desiccation on a large group)


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Crowd Control Build


The Crowd Control build sacrifices ability damage for the purpose of causing crowd control in areas and on enemies.

The duration and range are greatly increased to allow abilities to last longer or to be channeled for a better duration and the range ensures that groups of enemies will be affected.

This build is excellent for users who wish to make use of Desiccation to repeatedly immobilize them and kill them easily as well as using the Sandstorm ability for a long duration to keep enemies suspended longer.

Inaros’ will still have a large amount of health regardless of the build and will be able to put it to an advantage during missions.

(In the below image you can see Inaros’ casting Desiccation in a large area affecting several enemies)




Inaros is a great Warframe for tanking damage and seizing the front lines with his high amount of health and his crowd controlling abilities.

With a good build such as the ones mentioned previously, Inaros with well modded weapons can become unstoppable in missions and barely take any scratches from enemies.

With his crowd control abilities, he can take advantage of several situations and change the outcome especially using his abilities when the squad is about to be overrun.

This Warframe is great for doing solo missions or boss missions due to its capability to survive even the deadliest of situations.

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