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Ivara is stealthy ranger-like Warframe who uses her abilities to infiltrate facilities, take out enemies without alerting their allies and providing cover for her allies.

She is one of the hardest yet rewarding Warframes to get due to her abilities which include a wide set of functions that can help with different situations.




Ivara’s parts and blueprint may be acquired by doing spy missions and depending on the level of the mission and which mission exactly, her parts may come as a random reward for successfully hacking spy terminals.

Ivara may also be purchased in the orbiter market for 325 Platinum.

Ivara Prime


Ivara Prime is the prime variant of Mag which sports a higher amount of health and energy.

Relics that contain Ivara Prime:

  • Blueprint:  Meso N9
  • Neuroptics: Meso C4
  • Chassis: Neo I1
  • Systems: Axi A9



Ivara is capable of using a wide selection of functional arrows, controlling projectiles to go where she pleases, remain unseen by the enemy and steal from them, conjure a powerful bow to destroy her enemies.

Her Sentry passive ability gives her a bonus radar range of 20 meters which stacks with other radar mods allowing her to be aware of enemies in a large area.

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1) Quiver


Ivara has a multiple selection of functional arrows which she can use to her advantage.

Pressing the ability will cycle through different arrows and holding down the ability will fire the selected arrow to where you are aiming.

Sleep Arrow

Causes enemies in the area of impact to be put in a sleeping state, disabling them and causing them to be open to finishers and unable to be alerted when enemies are killed.

This is great for getting stealth kills or for making enemies easier to kill, making it a good crowd control ability.

(In the below image you can see Ivara using Sleep Arrow on enemies)


Cloak Arrow

Fires an arrow that causes an area to grant invisibility to those who are in it allowing them to fire at enemies while being undetected.

When fired on an ally it will cause them to be invisible for the duration of the ability.

This is useful for camping in a spot or temporarily hiding yourself and allies from enemies and since you can cast it on allies you can render someone invisible so they can deal with enemies while being safe from getting attacked.

(In the below image you can see Ivara in cloaking field caused by Cloak Arrow)


Dashwire Arrow

Firing this will create a line which the players may use to cross large gaps or keep themselves at a certain height to remain unreachable by enemies or give them a high ground advantage.

This is useful for avoiding enemies with short range and can be used to get over areas quickly instead of going the through the full path intended.


Noise Arrow

Upon impact, the area where the arrow was fired will lure enemies where they can either be dealt with or left alone.

This arrow is useful for luring enemies into one spot where they can be killed altogether or forced to sleep with Sleep Arrow for multiple stealth kills.

Noise arrow is great for distracting enemies when on stealth missions to avoid being bothered and allowing you to move without them being in your way.



Augment Mod: Empowered Quiver causes you and your allies that are on the wire from Dashwire arrow to have an additional 100% critical chance while the cloaked area from Cloak Arrow prevents them from being vulnerable to status effects from enemy attacks in the area.

2) Navigator


Navigator lets you take control of projectiles from the weapons Ivara is using such as arrows fired from a bow.

Once a projectile is released, you may use it to penetrate multiple enemies and kill them from a safe distance as you will also be invisible for the duration.

This ability is useful for killing enemies from afar and with it you can take out a whole group of enemies with a single shot.

(In the below image you can see Arrow fired from bow being controlled with the Navigator ability)



Augment Mod: Piercing Navigator adds an additional critical chance to the base stats of the projectile that was fired for each enemy that is hit.

3) Prowl


Prowl causes Ivara to become invisible and will allow her to sneak past enemies as well as steal loot from them.

While invisible you may still use melee and ranged weapons however if you attempt to sprint or bullet jump, the invisibility will break.

Standing next to an enemy while you are invisible will show when Ivara is looting them with a trail leading back to her and in a few seconds a random item from the enemy’s drop table will be forced to drop.

This ability is useful for gaining additional loot and for sneaking past enemies and can come in handy when going for stealth kills or for doing missions that require a great deal of stealth in them.

(In the below image you can see Ivara using Prowl, looting an enemy)



Augment Mod: Infiltrate causes Ivara to be untouched by traps at the cost of a small amount of movement speed.

4) Artemis Bow


Ivara summons her special bow that has a multishot count of 7 projectiles and a large base damage (can be modded in equipment section).

(In the below image you can see Ivara using Artemis Bow)



Augment Mod: Concentrated Arrow changed the arrow to an explosive arrow with an additional 50% critical chance that explodes on impact.

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Suggested Builds

Strength Balanced Build


Ivara’s Strength Balanced Build focuses on maintaining the capability of using multiple abilities freely without the lack of energy for most of them.

This build is useful for new and old players alike as it will allow them to make use of all of Ivara’s abilities with the added strength to benefit Artemis Bow.

(In the below image you can see Ivara on a wire inside a cloaking field using Artemis Bow)


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Duration Build


This build is mainly for prolonging her abilities so the duration exceeds its normal limits by a huge scale.

The build is useful for keeping Ivara cloaked for a very long time so she can go throughout the missions with ease and little worry of not having enough energy.

Her arrows from her Quiver ability will have increased durations meaning Sleep Arrow will disable enemies longer, Cloak Arrow will have a longer lasting cloaking field or keep allies fired at to be cloaked for a long duration.

This build is great for getting by enemies without effort and for farming affinity via stealth kills.

(In the below image you can see Ivara using Prowl)




Ivara is a very fun Warframe to used due to her different abilities and her Quiver arrows.

Not only can she remain invisible but she can also make her allies invisible as well making this useful for different strategies that the squad may have.

With the use of Artemis Bow, Ivara can deal a large amount of damage when it is modded well.

Aside from her combat abilities, Ivara can be considered another farming Warframe due to the Prowl as she can cause enemies to drop random loot.

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