How to Farm Ivara in Warframe (2023)


Ivara is a very unique Warframe due to abilities and her stealth capabilities although most people are having trouble figuring out where to obtain Ivara’s parts and blueprint.

This guide will show you where we consider the best place to farm Ivara’s blueprint and her parts.

The fastest way to farm Ivara is to be with a squad or do public spy missions, however not all parts drop on any mission, there are specific missions that you must do to farm her efficiently.


Ivara will have the same requirements for crafting just like other Warframes, however aside from farming just her parts, you will also need to find her blueprint in the same way.

Where to farm Ivara?


Ivara can be farmed by doing spy missions and there will be a chance for her parts to drop as a reward.

Below is a list of missions along with their planet to know where to farm Ivara.

Blueprint (7.52%): Rosalind (Uranus)

Laomedeia (Neptune)

Oceanum (Pluto)

Kappa (Sedna)

Neuroptics (7.52%): Rosalind(Uranus)




Chassis (5.64%): Bode (Ceres)

Amalthea (Jupiter)

Valac (Europa)


Pavlov (Lua)

Systems (9.09%): Cambria(Earth)


Suisei (Mercury)

Arval (Mars)


Best way to farm Ivara


Keep in mind that there is no best place to farm Ivara parts other than whichever spy mission you can complete faster than the above listed missions.

You must complete all vaults mean A, B and C should be successfully hacked in order to have a chance to get her part.

You will most likely be doing several runs so playing with a squad or going for a public session is advised to save time.

Using a stealthy Warframe is advisable to be able to run the mission quickly without alerting enemies to avoid causing the mission to turn into an exterminate mission if alarms are triggered repeatedly.

Having at least 3 people in a squad can ensure a fast mission since each one of you will be able to take one letter each.

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