Warframe Artemis Prime Build 2023 Guide

Warframe Artemis Prime Weapon

The Artemis Bow Prime is a Prime variant of Ivara’s Artemis Bro, which is included with the Ivara Prime Warframe as an Exalted Weapon.

Once Ivara Prime uses her fourth ability (Artemis Bow), she will immediately summon and begin using the Artemis Prime Bow.

This weapon deals massive amounts of damage and 7 projectiles that split up based on the distance they travel to hit multiple enemies.

How To Get Artemis Bow Prime?

The Artemis Bow Prime is the Exalted Weapon of Ivara Prime, making it automatically obtained once you have the Warframe.

Artemis Bow Prime becomes your main weapon when you use Ivara Prime’s Artemis Bow ability, which summons the Exalted Weapon.

This weapon can later be configured when you are viewing Ivara Prime in the Arsenal, where you can mod it and choose its different appearances.

Artemis Bow Prime Stats

The Artemis Bow Prime allows you to quickly fire off 7 shots (max level) which can be oriented to being horizontal when you charge the attack.

Its secondary fire will allow you to quickly release an arrow from Ivara Prime’s Quiver ability, making it a faster way of casting the ability.

The following are Artemis Bow Prime’s stats:




Charge Rate






Punch Through






Critical Chance

Critical Multiplier










Artemis Bow Prime Builds

Artemis Bow Builds and Artemis Bow Prime builds work the same with each other as they are almost the same, with the prime variant being slightly better.

1) Critical Build

Artemis Bow Prime Critical Build

The Artemis Bow Prime on its own already deals a high amount of damage and with the addition of critical mods, we boost this even further.

Its critical chance is brought to 75%, making it more frequent for this weapon to score critical hits with a 4.4x damage multiplier.

The addition of the elemental mods as well as Heavy Caliber brings the overall damage of the weapon to an insanely large amount that can destroy almost any enemy in one hit.

2) Status Build

Artemis Bow Prime Status Build

While there are several people that prefer a critical build with the Atemis Bow Prime, a status build does work with it.

Since this weapon has several projectiles, it becomes easier to inflict multiple enemies with status effects while also dealing high amounts of damage.

With this build, you will be able to fire arrows faster as well as have 100% status chance per projectile that is fired.

3) Explosive Arrow Build

Artemis Bow Prime Explosive Arrow Build

If you are familiar with the Concentrated Arrow Artemis Bow Augment, you can resort to it to cause its attacks to become exploding arrows.

Additionally, the critical chance of the weapon is increased by 50%, making it even easier to score critical hits when attacking enemies.

The explosion caused by Concentrated Arrow has a larger radius thanks to the addition of Firestorm or Primed Firestorm to the build.

Instead of using Firestorm, you can convert this build into an Artemis Bow Thunderbolt build for another chance to get explosions whenever you fire arrows.

4) Hybrid Build

Artemis Bow Prime Hybrid Build

If you are after a build that can deal both critical hits and inflict status effects, our hybrid build works like a charm.

The increased status chance often causes enemies to become inflicted with status effects while you also have a good chance of getting critical hits.

Not only do these work hand in hand, your overall damage increases greatly thanks to the damage from the elemental status mods and Heavy Caliber.

5) Volley Build

Artemis Bow Volley Build

Sometimes all you need to do is rain arrows on your enemies, which is exactly what the Artemis Prime Volley Build was made for.

The insane amount of damage already guarantees most enemies will be dealt with in a single shot but firing arrows at extremely fast speeds makes it even easier.

This build is a critical build that lets you release several arrows in a small amount of time to tear through enemies when they are clumped together.

Artemis Bow Prime Riven

Sadly there is no Artemis Bow Riven and this also goes for the prime variant as none are being generated since it is an Exalted Weapon.

The weapon’s sheer damage is already enough to defeat enemies with ease but if you play around with certain mods, you can get explosive attacks or Artemis Bow red crit instances.

Artemis Bow Multishot

The Artemis Bow Prime has an innate multishot, allowing you to use the weapon to fire several projectiles without the need for multishot mods.

Since the Artemis Bow Stat Stick ideas do not apply much now, it is easier to empower the weapon with mods as it can now be modded unlike before.


The Ivara Artemis Bow Augment known as Concentrated Arrow can be used with any of the builds we have provided as they can become even more effective that way.

It is a good idea to mod Ivara Prime with efficiency mods as well as mods that increase her energy to allow you to fire a lot of shots.

While there is no Artemis Bow Riven, the weapon still can be modded perfectly to get rid of your enemies with a single shot.

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