Warframe Vay Hek Guide 2024 (Drops, Weakness, Location & Defeating)

Vay Hek is a Grineer boss that you encounter in Oro (Assassination Mission), who was marked for assassination due to the dangers his actions lead to.

Through his violent acts of killing his enemies on the Grineer council, he has gained a lot of power that has allowed him to remain in control.

Due to his plans to achieve complete system domination, he has now been marked for death with a contract, which is where you come in.

Councilor Vay Hek boss Warframe

Vay Hek Locationyou can find Vay Hek during the Assassination Mission on Earth

You will encounter Councilor Vay Hek in the Oro Assassination Mission on Earth, which is unlocked after you have completed the Erpo (Archwing) mission.

The Tenno will be deployed on Earth, where they will need to pursue Councilor Vay Hek and attempt to assassinate him.

How to Defeat Vay Hek?

Phase 1

Flying Vay Hek

 Once you have been deployed on Earth, you will need to make your way toward the waypoint, which is where you will see Vay Hek.

Vay Hek will flee, which requires you to continue pursuing him to 3 different areas and once you reach them, you will need to fight him before he flees to another area.

Damaging Vay Hek can be done by shooting the glowing weak spots, which are either his face or the augmented part on his back.

Phase 2

Creating damage to Vay Hek

After dealing a certain amount of damage to Vay Hek and pursuing him (3 times), you will eventually reach the final area.

This is where Vay Hek and other Grineer enemies will be attacking you, which requires you to damage him by shooting at his weak spots.

Once enough damage has been dealt, Vay Hek will call down a Terra Frame (Large Mech) that he enters, and the fight will continue.

Phase 3

Vay Hek with robotic body

The Terra Frame will be vulnerable to all kinds of damage, allowing you to attack him freely but he does become stronger with the robotic body.

You will need to damage Vay Hek with your weapons and/or abilities until you reduce his health to the point where it is empty.

Instead of dying though, Vay Hek will eject from the Terra Frame and will flee from the area, which will now allow you to extract from the mission.

Councilor Vay Hek Weaknesses

Councilor Vay Hek will be almost invulnerable in his drone form except for his weak spots but when his Terra Frame is equipped, you can damage him on any part of his body.

The following are the stats and weaknesses for each form:

1) Vay Hek Drone Form

Drone Form Vay Hek

Vay Hek will attack you with his machine guns even at long range or will shock you when he gets close to you, which can inflict the Magnetic Status Effect.

He may also unleash a wave-like shock attack that travels along the floor and will occasionally drain his Grineer allies of their health to restore his own.

Ferrite Armor (225)

  • Corrosive+++
  • Puncture++

Machinery (1800)

  • Blast+++
  • Electricity++
  • Impact+

2) Vay Hek Terra Frame Form

Terra Frame Form Vay Hek

While in his Terra Frame, Vay Hek features different attacks such as leaping into the air to slam the ground to create a shockwave that may knock you down.

He will also attempt to charge into you from medium range or may use his cannons that will track and explode on impact. (He launches multiple projectiles when his health is low)

Aside from fighting with his Terra Frame, he will summon drones (the amount is determined by how many are in the squad) that have two variants.

Blue drones will empower Grineer units while red drones will call down orbital strikes once they get near you or your allies.

Ferrite Armor (200)

  • Corrosive+++
  • Puncture++

Machinery (2000)

  • Blast+++
  • Electricity++
  • Impact+

Vay Hek Drops

Defeating Vay Hek gives you a chance to get items from his drop table and extracting from the mission will reward you with a Component Blueprint for the Hydroid Warframe.

Vay Hek has the following items in his drop table:

  • Blood for Life
  • Endo
  • Cryo Rounds
  • Killing Blow
  • Molten Impact
  • Stretch
  • Vay Hek Sigil
  • Endo
  • Orokin Cell

Vay Hek has the chance to reward the following Hydroid Component Blueprints:

  • Hydroid Neuroptics: 38.72%
  • Hydroid Chassis: 38.72%
  • Hydroid Systems: 22.56%


  • Bringing an accurate weapon can make it easy to shoot Vay Hek in his weak spots, but you can also use other weapons and attack him up close. (Be careful of his shock attacks)
  • Certain abilities and status effects may affect the Terra Frame, but these will often be reduced and are still useful.
  • Once Vay Hek enters his Terra Frame, you can either attack him from afar or close in on him based on what weapons you are using.
  • The Grineer in the area will continue to fire at you but moving around can delay their attacks as they will attempt to approach you.


Vay Hek can only be defeated in the final area and while you are in pursuit, all you need to do is damage him a bit before you can move on.

His armor and health for his Drone Form and Terra Frame are the same with little difference in their values, which makes it easy to build your weapons to do extra damage.

Even though you manage to pursue Vay Hek and deal a lot of damage to him, he will eventually escape in the end before he is killed.

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