Warframe Hyena Pack Guide 2024 (Drops, Weakness, Defeating & Rewards)

The Hyena pack is a group of robotic quadrupeds created by the Corpus that are designed to hunt down and kill their targets, which are mainly Warframes.

These robotic hunters come in 4 different variations, each with their distinctive looks and an arsenal to attack their prey with.

Eventually, the production of these robotic creatures became a threat which has led to them being marked for destruction with a contract.


Hyena Pack LocationGDHP-2

The Hyena Pack may be engaged in Psamathe (Assassination Mission), which becomes available after completing either Laomedeia, Nereid, or the Pluto Junction.

Once the mission starts, the Tenno will board a Corpus ship near Neptune and infiltrate it to reach the Hyena Pack.

How to Kill Hyena Pack?GDHP-4

The Hyena Pack does not require any special tasks to defeat other than dealing a significant amount of damage and depleting their health.

All the Hyena Pack variations share similar stats, which makes them all have the same resistance and weaknesses to certain elements.

Once the mission begins, make your way toward the location marked by a waypoint to find the Hyena Pack. (The number of Hyenas depends on how many players are in your squad)

After the Hyenas have been spotted, you may begin assaulting them until none remain, which will allow you to extract from the mission afterward.

Keep in mind that multiple Hyenas will attack you at the same time and they will also be accompanied by Corpus enemies.

Hyena Pack Weaknesses

All the Hyena variants have the same weaknesses, but they also share the same health and armor, making it important to pick the right elements if you want to take them out quickly.

The Hyenas have the following weaknesses:

Proto Shield (1000)

  • Magnetic+++
  • Toxin+
  • Impact+

Alloy Armor (25)

  • Radiation+++
  • Cold+
  • Puncture+

Robotic (800)

  • Radiation+
  • Electricity++
  • Puncture+

Hyena Pack Stats

1) Hyena TH


Hyena Thorium uses electricity-based attacks to cause its enemies to scramble their systems with the use of its abilities or attacks.

The Hyena TH will attempt to charge at its targets, dealing damage upon impact and possibly knocking them down.

It has the Electric Surge ability that sends out an electrical wave to deal damage to those that are hit within its radius.

A Disruption Aura emits from it that causes nearby enemies to lose energy and inflict the Magnetic Status Effect.

2) Hyena NG


The Hyena Nitroglycerin uses Heat-based weaponry to attack its prey, being able to launch a grenade that will deal blast damage on impact. (This can knock you down)

It also has the Fire Wave ability, which sends out a wave of fire that damages enemies in range and causes them to burn.

Due to its Heat Resistance Aura, Hyena NG and its allies will take reduced damage against Heat-based attacks from all sources.

3) Hyena PB


Hyena Lead uses physical damage types when attacking its targets and can unleash heavy hits as it quickly runs around the area.

This variant can make use of its Lead Storm ability which causes it to leap into the air and spin around firing bullets in all directions. (This is dangerous if done within close range)

Thanks to its aura, Hyena PB and its allies have faster shield generation, making this one of the Hyenas you want to take out first.

4) Hyena LN2


Hyena Liquid Nitrogen uses cold damage to attack its prey and deals heavy melee attacks that can prove to be fatal to most of its enemies.

It has the Ice Wave ability which sends out a wave of ice damaging all enemies in its path and slowing them.

Not only does it do different attacks that deal cold damage, it also has a Slow Aura which will reduce the speed of its enemies and greatly reduce their capabilities when it’s cold damage procs.

Hyena Pack Rewards

When the Hyena Pack is defeated, there will be a chance for certain items to drop and upon extraction, you will get a Component Blueprint for Loki. (Warframe)

Hyena Pack variants may drop the following items:

  • Trick Mag
  • True Steel
  • Hit and Run
  • Hyena Sigil
  • North Wind
  • Orokin Cell

Hyena Pack has the chance to reward the following Loki Component Blueprints:

  • Loki Neuroptics: 38.72%
  • Loki Chassis: 38.23%
  • Loki Systems: 22.56%


  • Hyena variations tend to get close to you, which makes it slightly better to use a weapon that can shoot spread shots to deal a lot of damage. (Any weapon works well though)
  • Radiation Damage deals extra damage to Hyena variants since their Alloy Armor and Robotic health are weak against it.
  • While each of the Hyenas has their abilities, keeping your distance from them can be a good way to avoid the worst from happening if you are a new player.


The Hyena Pack is known for being deadly if they happen to focus on a single target, but you won’t encounter the whole group unless there are more members in your squad.

Each of the Hyena variants will often stop in their place to attack or will simply be delayed, giving you the chance to attack them.

Focusing on one Hyena at a time is a good way to take them out as they can sometimes get chaotic when attacking them randomly.

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