Warframe General Sargas Ruk Guide 2024 (Location, Drops, Defeating & Weakness)

One of the enemies that you will encounter in the game is an augmented Grineer General named Sargas Ruk, who was the head of a Grineer Artifact Extraction project.

While General Sargas Ruk can be tough for newer players, he can easily be taken out due to the weaknesses present in his augmentations.

Taking advantage of this boss’s weakness is the key to defeating him, which will allow you to get your hands on a fiery Warframe. (Ember)

Sargas Ruk boss Warframe

Sargas Ruk LocationSargas Ruk location is Saturn (Tethys mission)

General Sargas Ruk is located on a ship that you infiltrate when you start the Tethys mission located on Saturn, where the Grineer have their hold.

The Tethys (Assassination Mission) has you off to hunt down and kill the Grineer general to deal a heavy blow to the Grineer.

How to Kill General Sargas Ruk?

General Sargas Ruk will come at you with different attacks and most of these will deal Heat damage to you and defeating him relies mainly on hitting his weak spots.

Phase 1

Sargas Ruk uses heat flame using his right arm against attack you

Sargas Ruk will be attacking you with his right arm weapon, which will either release a stream of flame or launch grenades at your location.

Eventually, an exhaust on his shoulder will begin to glow, revealing itself as a weak spot that you can now shoot to damage your health.

Continuously damaging the glowing part on his shoulder will cause it to explode, which shifts the battle to phase 2.

Phase 2

Sargas Ruk uses a new attack called ring of fire against you

Sargas Ruk will begin using a new attack once you have destroyed his first weak spot, which creates a ring of fire that spreads outward and knocks you down.

After his attacks have exhausted him, another weak spot will be visible and this time it will be his chest that you will need to shoot.

Shooting his chest will do a portion of damage to his health until it is destroyed, which moves the fight to phase 3 where you can soon kill him.

Phase 3

Sargas Ruk using additional attack

During the third phase, Sargas Ruk will have an additional attack once more where he scorches the area around him to deal continuous heat damage.

Wait for his weak spot to appear once more and you will see it glowing later on his back, making this your new target.

Damaging the weak spot on his back will eventually lead to General Sargas Ruk being defeated, allowing you to extract afterward.

General Sargas Ruk WeaknessesWeaknesses of General Sargas Ruk

General Sargas Ruk is almost invulnerable aside from the weak spots in his armor but damaging these parts can reduce his health.

The following are General Sargas Ruk’s weaknesses:

Alloy Armor

  • Radiation+++
  • Cold+
  • Puncture+

Cloned Flesh

  • Viral+++
  • Heat+
  • Slash+

Sargas Ruk Drops

General Sargas Ruk has a chance to drop different mods and even an Orokin Cell when defeated and upon extraction, you will get a Component Blueprint for Ember.

The following are items that can be dropped by Sargas Ruk:

  • Melee Prowess
  • Pressure Point
  • Sargas Ruk Sigil
  • Shattering Storm
  • Shotgun Savvy
  • Continuity
  • Orokin Cell
  • Split Chamber

General Sargas Ruk has the chance to reward the following Ember parts:

  • Ember Neuroptics: 38.72%
  • Ember Chassis: 38.72%
  • Ember Systems: 22.56%


  • Using accurate weapons is a good way to easily hit Sargas Ruk’s weak spots but using other weapons that have spread or deal damage in an area works just as well.
  • It is best to have a decent amount of health as some of Sargas Ruk’s attacks can be a bit difficult for other players to avoid.
  • General Sargas Ruk is slow and keeping distance from him until a weak spot is open is a good way to take him out.
  • Modding for Radiation can greatly improve the effectiveness of your weapons when going against this boss as the Status Effect will cause other enemies to attack him.


General Sargas Ruk is one of the more difficult bosses to fight when you have just started in the game due to the amount of damage he can deal.

While waiting for this Grineer General to reveal his weak spots, it is best that you take out some of the surrounding enemies to avoid taking too much damage.

Even with Sargas Ruk taken out, you will still need to escape from the other Grineer and may even need to hack a console to get out.

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