How To Make Silver Ingot in New World

New World Silver Ingot

Silver Ingot is one of the Tier II refined resources that you can craft in New World, which requires that you have access to Silver Ore.

These refined resources are more valuable than most players think it is, being a requirement for not only certain Silver crafts but also other valuable ingots.

If you plan to work on your Jewelcrafting, a lot of Silver Ingot will be required, allowing you to level up and craft basic to more advanced items.

How To Make Silver Ingot?

You can make Silver Ingots at a Smelter which must be at least Tier 2 to craft them and there will be no need to have any Smelting level to begin crafting.

Each Silver Ingot will require 4x Silver Ore in order to be refined at a Tier 2 Smelter.

Silver Ingot Uses

Once you have obtained Silver Ingots, you will be able to craft the different types of Silver equipment.

The items that can be crafted with Silver Ingot are the following:


  • Gold Ingot

Trinket Components

  • Silver Band
  • Silver Chain
  • Silver Hook
  • Silver Setting

Silver Ingots may also be used as Precious Metals when crafting Amulets, Rings, and Earrings.

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Silver Ingots have more uses than one would think, basically being used for Silver Trinkets is what you first notice when checking the Outfitting Station.

You may also notice that Gold Ingots do not only require Gold Ore (Silver Ingots only need Silver Ore) but they also need Silver Ingots to be crafted.

The need for Silver Ingots in crafting Gold Ingots further makes it valuable as Gold Ingots are needed for crafting Platinum Ingots.

Not only are Silver Ingots necessary for crafting accessories for your character to get bonus stats, but it is also needed for equipment that needs Gold Ingots and Platinum Ingots.

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