New World Mining Trading Skills (How to Mine, Levels & Tools)

New World Mining

There are many trade skills in New World and just like almost any open-world RPG game, there is mining, which allows you to obtain specific ores and other resources.

To mine, you will need a gathering tool specifically for mining nodes or veins and sometimes there is a required mining level.

Mining will allow you to obtain many of the resources that you will need if you are planning to craft items that you will use as you progress through the game.

How To Mine in New World?

To mine from nodes or veins, you will need to have a Pickaxe, which many types provide faster gathering speeds at higher qualities.

Some Pickaxes may have stats that can provide bonuses to your character based on the quality and which perks have been bestowed upon them, often by crafting.

Depending on what kind of ore or resource you are going to mine, you must first meet the required mining level to gather them.

Mining Levels (Gathering and Tracking)

If you are to mine a specific resource, you will first need to meet a certain Mining Level, and the same goes for tracking.

There are two levels required for each resource, Gathering, and Tracking, where gathering allows you to mine a resource, and tracking allows you to locate it.

Tracking works by automatically showing an icon on your compass, which allows you to follow it until you have mined the resource or have left its range.

Gatherable Resources Through Mining

The following is a list of the different resources you can mine as well as the Mining Level for gathering and tracking them.










Alchemy Stones









Mining Tools

The following are the different Mining Tools or Pickaxes that can be used to mine from different veins or nodes in New World.

Pickaxes with higher tiers will offer a higher base gathering speed (can be affected by crafting) and will provide more efficient mining.

Mining Tool


Gather Speed

Flint Mining Pick

Tier I100%
Iron Mining PickaxeTier II


Steel Mining Pickaxe

Tier III250%
Starmetal Mining PickaxeTier IV


Orichalcum Mining Pickaxe

Tier V


Best Way To Level Up Mining

The best way for you to level up your mining is to mine a lot of Iron Ore as this is not only the first resource available for mining but it is also the fastest to gather.

As you gain more resources or progress, it is best to acquire new Mining Tools to speed up the rate at which you mine veins.

Once you have a higher tier tool, it will be much easier to mine, which is important for leveling up so you can quickly gather veins all around the different areas.

You can rely on mining Iron Ore for increasing your Mining Level to end-game levels since there is an abundance of Iron Veins and they are the fastest to mine.


Resource veins will often respawn now and then in the same spot, which makes it a good idea to remember your favorite areas.

Mining early on in the game can be a huge investment for later on so that you can continuously mine better resources as your Mining Level increases.

Starting from Iron and working your way up to other resources is the best way to increase your Mining Level, eventually reaching Starmetal, Platinum, and Orichalcum.

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