New World Gathering Tools Guide (Uses, Tiers, Types, Levels & Perks)

New World Gathering Tools

New World has a lot of activities for your characters to do, one of them is gathering resources, which plays an important part in the game.

Different kinds of resources can be gathered, such as plants, ores, wood, animal skin, and much more.

To gather such resources, you will need to have the appropriate tools, which have different qualities that may make gathering easier.

Gathering Tools Uses

In New World, there are gathering tools that your character will need to have in able to begin gathering almost any resource in the game.

For a specific type of resource, you will need a specific tool such as a logging axe for chopping trees for wood or a mining pick to mine ores from deposits.

Each tool has its use and there are different variants of the tools, making them more valuable and harder to obtain tools more efficient in gathering.

Type of Gathering Tools

1) Pickaxe

Pickaxes are required to mine deposits and other objects for ore and other materials.


Gathering SpeedTier

Engineering Level

Flint Mining Pick

100%Tier I0
Iron Mining Pickaxe125%Tier II


Steel Mining Pickaxe

250%Tier III50
Starmetal Mining Pickaxe400%Tier IV


Orichalcum Mining Pickaxe

625%Tier V


2) Logging Axe

Logging Axes are required to chop down trees for wood.

Skinning Knife

Gathering SpeedTier

Engineering Level

Flint Skinning Knife

100%Tier I0
Iron Skinning Knife125%Tier II


Steel Skinning Knife

250%Tier III50
Starmetal Skinning Knife400%Tier IV


Orichalcum Skinning Knife

625%Tier V


3) Skinning Knife

Skinning Knives are required to cut out meat, flesh, and more from creatures you slay.

Logging Axe

Gathering SpeedTier

Engineering Level

Flint Logging Axe

100%Tier I0
Iron Logging Axe125%Tier II


Steel Logging Axe

250%Tier III50
Starmetal Logging Axe400%Tier IV


Orichalcum Logging Axe

625%Tier V


4) Harvesting Sickle

Harvesting Sickles are required to gather fibers, plants, and other resources found in the wild.

Harvesting Sickle

Gathering SpeedTier

Engineering Level

Flint Harvesting Sickle

100%Tier I0
Iron Harvesting Sickle125%Tier II


Steel Harvesting Sickle

250%Tier III50
Starmetal Harvesting Sickle400%Tier IV


Orichalcum Harvesting Sickle

625%Tier V


5) Fishing Pole

Fishing Poles are required to catch fish when you locate a fishing area.

Fishing Pole

Max Cast DistanceTier

Engineering Level

Wooden Fishing Pole

12mTier I0
Treated Wood Fishing Pole14mTier II


Aged Wood Fishing Pole

16mTier III50
Wyrdwood Fishing Pole18mTier IV


Ironwood Fishing Pole

20mTier V


Gathering Tool Perks

All Tool Perks

These are Perks that can be applied to all of the gathering tools, having the same type of effect no matter what tool it is.

  • Sliver of Adamant (Durable) – Increases the durability of the tool by 25% – 75%, allowing it to be used more before needing to be repaired.
  • Drop of Azoth Oil (Azoth Extraction) – Provides a 30% – 48% chance to obtain Azoth when gathering from a node.
  • Small Elk Hoof (Gathering Alacrity) – Causes your character to gain the Haste buff for 3 seconds after gathering.

1) Logging Axe Perks

  • Steel Lumberjack’s Charm (Lumberjack’s Discipline) – Provides your character with an additional 3% – 9.4% logging experience.
  • Starmetal Lumberjack’s Charm (Logging Luck) – Your character gains a 2% – 9.3% to obtain rare items when logging.
  • Orichalcum Lumberjack’s Charm (Logging Yield) – When logging, the amount of resources you obtain is increased by 10% – 19%.

2) Mining Pick Perks

  • Steel Miner’s Charm (Prospectors’ Discipline) – Your character has an additional increase in gaining 3% – 9.4% mining experience.
  • Starmetal Miner’s Charm (Mining Luck) – There is a 2% – 9.3% increased chance of finding rare items when mining.
  • Orichalcum Miner’s Charm Mining Yield) – Resources that you obtain when mining is increased by 10% – 19%.

3) Harvesting Sickle Perks

  • Steel Botanist’s Charm (Horticulture Discipline) – Gain an additional 3% to 9.4% harvesting experience when gathering.
  • Starmetal Botanist’s Charm (Harvesting Luck) – There is a 2% – 9.3% increased chance for your character to obtain rare items when harvesting.
  • Orichalcum Botanist’s Charm (Harvesting Yield) – Gain an additional 10% – 19% more resources when harvesting.

4) Skinning Knife Perks

  • Steel Skinner’s Charm (Tanner’s Discipline) – Your character acquires 3% – 9.4% more skinning experience.
  • Starmetal Skinner’s Charm (Skinning Luck) – When skinning, there is a 2% – 9.3% increased chance for you to obtain rare items.
  • Orichalcum Skinner’s Charm (Skinning Yield) – Gain an additional 10% – 19% more resources when harvesting.

5) Fishing Pole Perks

The fishing pole does not have any other perks aside from the three shared perks for all of the gathering tools, including the following:

  • Sliver of Adamant (Durable)
  • Drop of Azoth Oil (Azoth Extraction
  • Small Elk Hoof (Gathering Alacrity)


It is best to get the perks that will benefit your character the most, which is most of the time is gathering luck, gathering yield, and Azoth extraction.

While earlier tools may be lesser due to the lack of perk slots, later on, you will be able to obtain or craft tools that can have 2 or more slots.

One of the best combinations for tools would be luck, yield, and Azoth extraction which is mainly sought out by those who craft their tools for better benefits.

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