How To Make Coarse Leather in New World

Coarse Leather is one of the first craftable materials that you will be making once you have access to Rawhide in the New World.

It is a Tier II material that can easily be accessed earlier in the game after you have killed quite a few skinnable creatures.

While this item is not obtained out in the open, it can be crafted once you have access to a Tannery where you can craft it in bulk.

How To Make Coarse Leather?New World Coarse Leather

Coarse Leather can be made at a Tannery, which should be available in a Settlement, allowing you to use Rawhide you have obtained to craft it.

Crafting Coarse Leather will require 4 Rawhide for each piece of Coarse Leather that is crafted and this can be done in bulk.

A good way to craft lots of Coarse Leather is to prepare a lot of Rawhide in advance and craft it in bulk so you get bonus amounts for crafting.

Coarse Leather Uses

Coarse Leather is used in two ways, which are to either make better types of leather for crafting or to simply be used to craft items by filling the Leather slot.

When used in crafting, Coarse Leather is one of the lowest types of Leather that can be used and will not provide that much when it comes to gear score, making it an early-game resource.

Being that it is one of the more basic leather items, it can later be replaced with better ones to improve the quality of items that are crafted later on.

You may also use Coarse Leather to create Rugged Leather, which can be used as a substitute for Coarse Leather, providing better quality with crafted items.

Some of the early game items that you would use Coarse Leather for would include:

1) Weaponsmithing

  • Iron Great Axe
  • Iron Greatsword
  • Iron Hatchet
  • Iron Longsword
  • Iron Rapier
  • Iron Round Shield
  • Treated Wood Spear
  • Iron War Hammer

2) Armoring

  • Iron Plate Breastplate
  • Iron Plate Boots
  • Iron Plate Gauntlets
  • Iron Plate Helm
  • Iron Plate Greaves

3) Engineering

  • Iron Blunderbuss
  • Treated Wooden Bow
  • Iron Musket

4) Arcana

  • Iron Fire Staff
  • Iron Life Staff
  • Iron Ice Gauntlet
  • Iron Void Gauntlet

While there are other items that you can craft with Coarse Leather, these are mainly some of the early game ones that players may craft at lower costs.

Later on, players can craft these items or better ones with higher-quality leather to create much better gear and gain more experience in certain trade skills.


It is best to use Coarse Leather only when you are testing out weapons or just leveling up your Armoring, Weaponsmithing, or other Trade Skills.

Coarse Leather may be easy to obtain, but you can get better types of leather that will provide your crafted items with better results.

Should you need a large amount of Coarse Leather, you can farm a lot of Rawhide first before converting it into a resource, which shouldn’t be hard in areas full of animals.

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