New World Platinum Ore (Locations, Farm & Uses)

New World Platinum ore

Platinum Ore is one of the higher-tier types of ore that you can obtain after you have progressed quite a bit in New World. This resource becomes handy when you need to make Platinum Ingots, which will, later on, be used in crafting different kinds of items.

You can distinguish this Tier 4 resource by the silverish color it has through its cracks, which are visible on Platinum Veins.

How To Farm Platinum Ore?

You can get Platinum Ore by using a Mining Pick on Platinum Veins, which are more common in higher-level areas in the game.

Although these are hard to find in lower-level areas, you can get this resource in some starting places but only in small amounts.

Platinum Ore can be mined for Platinum Veins once you have reached Level 110 in Mining and it becomes trackable once you have reached Level 135.

Platinum Ore Locations

Below are some but not all of the best places to mine Platinum Ore in Aeternum and most of these areas are best explored when you have reached higher levels.

1) Brimstone Sands

  • The Frontlines (5519,7935)
  • Aqua Anuket (6638,9291)

2) Ebonscale

  • Stormcourt Shipment (7078,4252)
  • Thunderking Grotto (7032,5333)

3) Edengrove

  • Valor Hold (10945,7520)

4) Great Cleave

  • Defiler Excavation (9764,7702)

5) Reekwater

  • Cave of Striped Death (10344,3040)
  • Skyview Repose (10476, 3668)
  • Rackham’s Hollow (11777,3625)

6) Mourningdale

  • Foulroot (12638,8551)
  • Ramshead Cave (13504,8436)

7) Shattered Mountain

  • Ambusti Inferior (8994,9223)

Platinum Ore Uses

Platinum Ore is needed for smelting and can be used to make Platinum Ingots, which are later useful for Jewelcrafting, Weaponsmithing, Engineering, and Arcana.

Platinum can be used for making several weapons that can help you progress faster due to their better stats that can help you surv4e.

Some of the popular Tier 4 weapons such as the Dowsing Blade, Tearsteal Rapier, Hulking Berserker’s Battleaxe, and more.


During your earlier travels, you are not likely to find a lot of Platinum Veins to mine Platinum Ore but you still may find them on lower-level territories.

There are a few nodes that can be found in Everfall, Windward, First Light, and more but sometimes other players tend to farm these as well.

Your best bet is to try to progress first so that you can later farm these when you can handle the enemies in the tougher territories or grab what you need in small amounts.

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