How to Get Azoth in New World

New World Azoth

Many resources can be found all around Aeternum, some of these more magical than others, such as Azoth.

Azoth is known to provide Aeternum with supernatural powers, allowing beings to magically travel, craft powerful weapons and armor and even resurrect the fallen.

The more you play the game, the more you will realize that a constant supply of Azoth is needed to perform a multitude of tasks in the game.

How To Farm Azoth?

Azoth can be farmed in several ways, which mainly include completing quests, killing enemies and even farming resources.

1) Completing Quests

You can gain a certain amount of Azoth by completing quests, each of them may offer different amounts based on the level and difficulty of the quest you complete.

Following the main story of New World and tackling a few side quests every now and then are a good way to get you Azoth as well as other goodies as rewards.

2) Killing Enemies

There is a good chance that you will get Azoth from enemies every now and then if you are fighting higher level enemies, mainly those that are level 20 and above.

You will notice a blue aura sometimes when fighting an enemy, which can be a hint that it will drop Azoth when it has been killed.

3) Using Azoth Extraction Tools

When farming resources, you will mainly use different tools such as the pickaxe, skinning knife, logging axe, sickle and more.

As you get better gathering tools or craft them, there is a chance that these will have the Azoth Extraction stat, which gives a chance to get Azoth when gathering.

4) Clearing Corrupted Breaches

Corrupted Breaches may not be the easiest of activities to participate in but they can be quite rewarding with some loot as well as Azoth.

Be sure to be well-equipped if you plan on clearing a Corrupted Breach, some of the enemies can be quite dangerous for new players.

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Best Way To Get Azoth

One of the best ways to farm Azoth is to have multiple tools with the Azoth Extraction stat, which increases the chance to get the resource the more you gather.

You will notice that you quickly gain Azoth and will have enough to go on as you progress through different areas in the game.

Focusing on killing enemies is a good idea but completing quests can guarantee a better chance of obtaining the resource if you don’t focus on gathering.

Azoth Uses

Azoth is mainly used for crafting and fast traveling but you may also use it when you make use of the Attribute Respec feature.

Fast traveling in Aeternum requires a certain amount of Azoth every time you will teleport to another fast travel location, costing more Azoth depending on the distance.

When crafting equipment such as weapons, armor, and accessories, you can add Azoth to further increase the quality of the items that you craft.


Azoth is one of the more precious resources that you can find in Aeternum and you will eventually need a ton of this for when you need to start moving back and forth between locations.

Should you partake in crafting, you can create even better gear depending on how much Azoth you spend when you craft your items.

Now and then your builds will need changing if you are unsure or decide to change weapons, making Azoth needed for resetting your attribute points.

While Azoth may be hard to get at first, you can make use of different methods to farm it in one way, or use multiple methods to easily gain a lot.

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