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Fast Travel New World

In New World, you will find yourself on Aeternum, a very large island filled with different biomes and strange creatures that roam about.

Currently, there are no mounts in New World, which makes running around the island quite time-consuming due to it being a massive location.

To make things easier for you, New World has a Fast Travel feature so that you can move from one location to another instantly, avoiding long walks around the Aeternum.

How to Fast Travel?

At first, fast traveling may seem a bit complicated but as you progress through the game you should be introduced to the mechanics in a way.

To fast travel, you will first need to have visited the location you wish to travel to, and to begin, you will have to be in a fast travel location such as a town or at fast travel shrines.

Once you are in the right location, you can fast travel by opening your map and selecting where you want to fast travel, picking a fast travel shrine or town that you have visited.

To fast travel, you will need a resource called Azoth, which is obtainable in many ways such as finishing quests, defeating enemies, and farming resources.

Collecting Azoth

There are several ways to obtain Azoth but these are not so easy at the beginning of the game, you will need to progress first and farm a bit to obtain it.

Azoth is usually rewarded when you complete quests and some enemies will drop a certain amount of them when killed, but not all enemies do this.

One of the best ways to get Azoth is to create or obtain tools that provide a chance to obtain Azoth when farming a resource.

For more information on how to farm Azoth, check out our New World Azoth Farming Guide.

Choosing a Fast Travel Location

Choosing a fast travel location is done on your map and by selecting the location you wish to fast travel to, opening a menu with the option to view information, storage, and fast travel.

Each location will show how much Azoth is required, which is based on how far the location you wish to fast travel to is from your current location.

Once you select the location you wish to fast travel to, your character will begin channeling and will then head to the destination.

How To Unlock Fast Travel Locations?

There is no special requirement when it comes to unlocking a fast travel location, you simply need to head over to the town or fast travel shrine.

Once you arrive at a town or fast-travel shrine, you will be able to unlock it simply by entering the area or by interacting with it.

There are fast travel shrines within towns but it is not necessary to interact with them to unlock the town’s fast travel point since it automatically unlocks upon entering the town.

How To Find Fast Travel Locations?

You can mostly find fast travel locations by viewing the towns on the map or by looking for an aqua-colored beam that shoots out towards the sky.

The shrines are easily spotted from far away while the towns can easily be tracked when you look at your map, even allowing you to place a waypoint.


Making use of the fast traveling feature in New World can save you a lot of time but this can be costly when you travel from one place to another often.

You should plan your trips if you are short on Azoth but this should not be a problem if you have a convenient way of getting there.

There are several locations around Aeternum that you can use to fast travel, making it quite easy to get around and farm, complete quests, and discover new areas.

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