New World Attributes Guide (Core, Points, Equipment & Reset)

New World Stats

Characters in New World are deeply affected by the builds that you have, which include the attributes that you spend your points on.

Attributes or Stats will increase the damage of certain weapons, some purely affecting one weapon while other weapons rely on multiple attributes.

Aside from adding damage to your weapons, attributes provide additional bonuses that will give your character an advantage for investing points in bulk.

Core Attributes

There are 5 core or main attributes in New World which you can use to improve your character, which is Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Focus, and Constitution.

Every 50 points that you put in an attribute will provide your character with bonus perks, increasing combat capabilities, or other bonuses. 

1) Strength

  • 5% increase with melee light attacks (50 points)
  • 10% increased mining speed (50 points)
  • 10% increase with melee heavy attacks (100 points)
  • Additional 20 to encumbrance (100 points)
  • 50% increased stamina damage from light and heavy melee attacks (150 points)
  • Mined items weight decreased by 10% (150 points)
  • 10% increased damage to enemies that are stunned, slowed, or rooted (200 points)
  • 10% increased mining speed (200 points)
  • When performing light and heavy melee attacks, stamina regen becomes faster (250 points)
  • Mining yield is increased by 10% (250 points)
  • Gain GRIT when doing light and heavy melee attacks (300 points)
  • 25% chance to mine ore with a single hit (300 points)

2) Dexterity

  • Additional 5% chance to deal a critical hit (50 points)
  • 10% increased skinning speed (50 points)
  • 5% increased thrust damage (100 points)
  • Gain 20% haste for 3 seconds after skinning (100 points)
  • Dodge stamina cost is reduced by 10 (150 points)
  • Skinned items weight decreased by 10% (150 points)
  • Additional 10% damage dealt with backstab and headshots (200%)
  • Skinning speed increased by 10% (200 points)
  • 10% bonus critical damage to enemies that are stunned, slowed, or rooted (250 points)
  • Skinning yield is increased by 10% (250 points)
  • Critical hit guaranteed after a dodge – 10-second cooldown (300 points)
  • 15% chance for ammo to be returned (300 points)

3) Intelligence

  • 10% increased damage with light and heavy magic attacks (50 points)
  • 10% increased harvesting speed (50 points)
  • Additional 10% damage to critical hits (100 points)
  • 5% chance to get Azoth when harvesting (100 points)
  • 15% increased elemental damage (150 points)
  • Harvested items weight decreased by 10% (150 points)
  • Gain 10 mana after dodging (200 points)
  • Additional 10% harvesting speed (200)
  • Increased damage over time duration by 30% (250 points)
  • Harvesting yield is increased by 10% (250 points)
  • Deal 10% increased damage on the first hit against enemies with full health (300 points)
  • Azoth cost reduced by 10% when traveling

4) Focus

  • 10% increased mana regen rate (50 points)
  • Additional 10% increased fishing line tension (50 points)
  • Additional 20 to mana pool (100 points)
  • Salvaging yield is increased by 10% (100 points)
  • Healing output is increased by 20% (150 points)
  • Fish carry weight decreased by 10% (150 points)
  • Casted buff durations are increased by 20% (200 points)
  • 10% increased fishing line tension (200 points)
  • 30 mana gained on any self or group kill (250 points)
  • Caught fish size increased by 10% (250 points)
  • Gain 200% mana regeneration when mana is empty – 60-second cooldown (300 points)
  • Inn fast travel cooldown is decreased by 10% (300 points)

5) Constitution

  • Health consumables are 20% stronger (50 points)
  • 10% increased logging speed (50 points)
  • Max health increased by 10% of your physical armor (100 points)
  • Tools durability loss is reduced by 10% (100 points)
  • Critical damage received is reduced by 10% (150 points)
  • Logging items weight decreased by 10% (150 points)
  • Armor increased by 20% (200 points)
  • 10 increased logging speed (200 points)
  • 60% damage reduction when at full health – 60-second cooldown (250 points)
  • Logging yield is increased by 10% (250 points)
  • Stun, slow, and root spells duration increased by 20% (300 points)
  • 25% chance to chop down a tree with a single hit (300 points)

How To Get Attribute Points?

Your character will initially start with 5 attribute points and will afterward earn more as they gain more levels in New World.

The higher your level, the more attribute points you will have and as you go further with leveling up, the number of attribute points gained also increases.

Equipment Attributes

Aside from the attributes that you can assign when you level up, there are equipment attributes that are added from the stats of your equipment.

These attributes will add to your total attribute points, allowing you to further increase points in a single attribute based on which one the stat gives.

Gear such as weapons, armor, and accessories may all have different attribute bonuses, either having a single attribute or multiple ones.

Reset Attributes

There is no need to worry if you feel like your current attributes are not suiting your preference, you can always reset your attributes.

Opening the character menu and selecting attributes will show your current attributes along with a respec button at the bottom.

Attribute Respec will reset your attributes at the cost of coins and can be used unlimited times, so you can always change your attributes whenever you decide to.


Attributes play a big role in New World, altering what your character can do and how efficient they are at a fighting, gathering, and much more.

The right build can change the chances of success in a fight or help you gather what you need faster and make things easier for your character.

Some builds will work with multiple weapons but ensuring you have the right stat build can make a big difference when it comes to mid to late game.

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