Warframe Venato Build 2023 Guide

Warframe Melee Weapon Venato

The Venato is the signature weapon of Caliban, a Sentient scythe that deals more devastation in his hands than with any other Warframe.

Although most consider this weapon to be mainly for Caliban (providing him with an additional 50% chance to gain additional Melee Combo points) it can be used by others.

This weapon features a good amount of based damage accompanied by a high Critical Chance and decent Status chance good for almost any build.

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Venato Builds

The Venato does swift attacks, mainly dealing Puncture Damage while sporting a high Critical Chance and high Status Chance.

Certain builds for melee combos will be very effective when Caliban is using the Venato as it is his Signature Weapon.

Due to the innate stats being high in both Critical Chance and Status Chance, the Venato can have adaptive builds, including hybrid ones.

1) Critical Build/Maiming Strike Build

The Venato Critical Build/Maiming Strike Build makes use of mods that increase its damage and critical chance for higher damage output.

Primed Reach or Reach is not always necessary but does give more coverage over an area and goes well with Maiming Strike.

Since the Venato has a high critical chance, the Blood Rush and True Steel mods will greatly increase the chances of critical strikes while Maiming Strike can guarantee them.

2) Status Build

Our Venato Status Build focuses on increasing the status chance with four Elemental Damage and Status Chance mods, reaching up to 103.2% Status Chance.

This will allow you to deal a good amount of damage including possibilities of several Status Effects since not only will the Venato have two combined elements but all types of physical damage too.

Melee Prowess can be swapped out with another mod since the high Status Chance is already enough even if 100% has not been reached.

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3) Hybrid Build

The Venato Hybrid Build combines both the Critical Build and Status Chance Build, providing a very high chance to do critical strikes and to inflict Status Effects.

With Condition Overload, the Venato will deal more damage for each Status Effect the enemy suffers from while also adding a high chance for critical damage with Blood Rush.

Blood Rush or Condition Overload may be swapped out with other mods depending if you want to shift the focus of the build to have Maiming Strike or other mods.

4) Jugulus Barbs Build

The Venato Jugulus Barbs Build takes from our Critical Build and adds the Jugulus Barbs mod which is meant to be matched with the other Jugulus mods for its set bonus.

This build is meant to provide you with ways to disable enemies as you lash out at them with critical attacks or status effects if you swap the melee mods with Status Chance mods.

The Blood Rush, Organ Shatter, and True Steel mods may be swapped out to alter the Jugulus Barbs Build to focus more on Status Chance if preferred.

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