Warframe Nepheri Build 2023 Guide

The Nepheri is a set of Dual Daggers which belonged to Archon Amar, possessing the power of Head Damage and swift strikes.

Using a neutral combo with this set of daggers includes an attack that has your Warframe release fireballs that deal Heat damage to those they come in contact with.

The fireballs combo requires a few swift hits to begin but is very fast and can have an even faster animation depending on the mods you equip it with.

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Nepheri Builds

1) Status Build

Due to its high Status Chance, the Nepheri deserves a good old-fashioned Status Build so we equipped it with Condition Overload and 4 Status Mods.

With this build, the Status Chance of the Nepheri has been boosted to 112.2% and will be guaranteed to cause Status Effects along with increased damage due to Condition Overload.

Since the Nepheri has a ranged attack as well, you can inflict Status Effects from a distance as well and the fireballs that it unleashes are also affected by the build.

Primed Reach was meant for those who wish to hit more enemies to cope with the low range of Dual Daggers but this can be swapped out for other mods too.

2) Critical Build

To think of Dual Daggers and fast-paced attacks, we of course had to make a Critical Build for this weapon, not to mention since you can also use its fireballs from afar.

We’ve added the most common of Melee Mods and Critical Mods to create a fair Critical Build and even added Maiming Strike for those who love to add spinning attacks in their combos.

Primed Reach has been added to get more range with the Nepheri’s attacks but this mod can be swapped out for something if you prefer to change it.

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3) Hybrid Build

Things get a bit more hyper when you go with a Hybrid Nepheri Build and this is because you mix super fast attacks along with buffed-up Status Chance and Critical Chance.

You will be practically slashing at your enemies dealing Elemental Damage and Critical Hits while also inflicting them with Status Effects, the ultimate torture.

This build can be adjusted depending on which enemies you are going up against so you can swap out the 2 Status Mods for other ones to create an element combination you need.

4) Amar’s Contempt Build/Blink Strike Build

This build makes use of the Amar’s Contempt Mod and the other mods from the Amar’s Set Mods for the set bonus that allows you to teleport to an enemy when using a heavy attack.

The Attack Speed provided by Berserker Fury and Gladiator Vice (which you may swap for another mod) allows you to quickly build up your Combo Meter.

Since Heavy Attacks consume your Combo Meter, you can make use of the quick combo making to deal more damage as you do a Heavy Attack and teleport to an enemy.

You’ll pretty much be teleporting around the field slashing at enemies repeatedly again and again until no one is left, pretty assassin-like and fun to use.

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