Warframe Korumm Build 2023 Guide

The Korumm is the signature weapon of Archon Boreal, a powerful polearm that has the ability to let loose Electricity.

Performing a Blocking Combo, your Warframe will slam the Korumm into the ground and pull it out to release Electricity to nearby enemies.

You can use the Korumm’s special attack between combos and may even increase its animation speed with the mods you equip it with.

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Korumm Builds

1) Critical Damage Build/Maiming Strike Build

Taking advantage of the Korumm’s high Critical Chance, we focused on increasing the Critical Chance up to 59.4% and added Maiming Strike for Spinning Crits.

The build is great for dishing out physical damage as we have not added any elemental damage to it and focus more on increasing the base damage and critical properties.

With this build, you can continue dealing hits to increase your Combo Meter and do a few spinning attacks now and then for even more damage.

2) Elemental Critical Damage Build

With a close resemblance to the Korumm Critical Build, we have changed a few mods to insert two elements, allowing the weapon to deal bonus elemental damage.

The Korumm deals a good amount of damage on its own and with the help of an additional mixture of two elements, even more, destruction can be caused.

You can swap out the different elements whenever you are facing a specific type of enemy to adjust for weaknesses.

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3) Status Effect Build/Condition Overload Build

Focusing more on Elemental Damage and Status Effects we have included the Vicious Frost, Virulent Scourge, Volcanic Edge, and Voltaic Strike Mods.

Along with these we have added Condition Overload, allowing us to achieve easier Status Effect infliction while also dealing more damage per Status Effect.

Condition Overload works well when your enemies have many Status Effects inflicting and will allow you to deal continuously increased damage.

4) Hybrid Build

Similar to our Elemental Critical Damage build, we replace the Elemental Damage Mods with two Element Status Mods, allowing a good chance with both critical strikes and status infliction.

We still have Maiming Strike in the build just in case you would like to do a few spinning attacks while you do combos and inflict Status Effects.

You can remove Maiming Strike to replace it with mods such as Condition Overload for more damage per Status Effect or Primed Reach for more range.

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