Warframe Yareli Build 2024 Guide

Warframe Yareli

Summoning the power of the ocean to help her defeat enemies of the hopeless, Yareli surfs through the land with the creature named Merulina.

Yareli is a Warframe who uses the power of the ocean to subdue and destroy her enemies, staying in motion and blasting enemies as she passes them by.

This Warframe has its creature which is similar to a K-Drive which protects her as she entraps, slices, and crushes her enemies with water.

If you are wondering how to get Yareli then this guide will help you https://progametalk.com/warframe/how-to-get-yareli/

Yareli Builds

Maxed Out Ability Strength Build

Yareli has a lot of abilities that can dish out a lot of damage and some of the mainly used abilities include Sea Snare, Aquablades, and Riptide for dealing damage.

All of the abilities will be granted a very high amount of damage far from their default amounts and will cost less to cast.

A small downfall with this build will be but only a small amount of duration reduced but since you will be able to cast at lower costs, things become a bit more balanced.

The increase in Ability Strength also increases how much Merulina will absorb, allowing you to take more damage from enemies with less worry.

Area of Effect Damage Build

This build sacrifices the majority of its Ability Duration to allow you to cast your damaging abilities, mainly Sea Snares and Riptide to deal more damage.

Riptide greatly benefits from this build and does not suffer penalties from the reduced Ability Duration, allowing you to use it to clear out large areas filled with enemies.

Sea Snares is still useful for disabling enemies and damaging them but the duration will not be that long so it’s best to use all your abilities for damaging purposes.

A large group of enemies becomes even easier to kill due to the range of Riptide and the fact that more enemies dragged in will cause it to deal more damage.

Balanced Build

This is a build meant for those who wish to have a more balanced use with Yareli, providing a good amount of Ability Duration, Ability Efficiency, and Ability Strength.

You will be able to cast your abilities easily due to the Ability Efficiency and the addition of Primed Flow for more energy.

With somewhat a decent amount of range with this build, you will be able to drag in more enemies with Riptide and deal enough damage to Riptide and other abilities with more Ability Strength.

This build can be used for beginners or those who want to try to mix and match their builds with Yareli, allowing them to modify it as they get more used to her.

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