Warframe Zephyr Build 2024 Guide

Zephyr Warframe

Zephyr is an aerial Warframe who focuses on flight and wind to pursue, attack and evade her enemies with her unique aerodynamics.

She is a very mobile Warframe capable of crossing large distances, flying to areas that are hard to reach with ease and even dealing damage from such positions as well as causing crowd control with her other abilities.

How to Get Zephyr?



In order to replicate her blueprints for Zephyr’s parts, they must first be researched at a Tenno Lab which is located at the dojo.

She is also available to be purchased fully built from the market on the orbiter for 275 platinum.

Zephyr Prime


Zephyr Prime is the prime variant of Zephyr who has an increased amount of armor, energy and a faster sprint speed.

Relics that contain Zephyr Prime:

  • Blueprint: Vaulted: Meso Z1, Neo Z1  Available: Neo Z2
  • Neuroptics: Vaulted: Lith H2, Neo N10, Axi A4, Axi O4  Available: Lith K2, Neo Z3
  • Chassis: Vaulted: Neo K1, Axi L3, Axi O3  Available: Meso A2, Neo A2
  • Systems: Vaulted: Lith Z1, Lith Z2, Meso Z2  Available: Meso Z3

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(Zephyr’s Abilities)

Zephyr has the ability to launch herself and dash in midair, create explosive blast from aerial projectiles, redirect projectiles that are heading towards her and summoning tornados that throw her enemies around.

His passive ability allows her to be lighter than other Warframes as she falls slower and can user her lightweight to maneuver while airborne.

1) Tail Wind


When cast, Zephyr will dash from either the ground going up or heading towards a certain direction when in midair.

Enemies will take damage if they are in Zephyr’s path when she dashes.

Holding the ability will cause Zephyr to charge up for a jump which later suspends her in the air at a certain height depending on how long the ability is charged.

Upon launching up in the air after charging, enemies will be damaged and knocked back.

When facing down, casting the ability while in midair will cause Zephyr to do a dive bomb which deals damage in an area based on the height and speed at which she slams down.

This ability is great for mobility and allows Zephyr to literally fly around missions and even open worlds as well as deal damage and cause a bit of crowd control.


(Zephyr casting Tail Wind from the ground, dashing up into the air)


(Zephyr casting Tail Wind in midair, dashing through the air)


(Zephyr charging Tail Wind)


(Zephyr launching into the air after charging Tail Wind)


(Zephyr casting Tail Wind facing down, doing a dive bomb)


Augment Mod: Target Fixation causes the damage of Tail Wind to increase by 50% each time an enemy is hit.

2) Airburst


Zephyr releases a burst of energy as a multiple projectile to where she is targeting which explodes on contact with a surface and deals damage in an area as well as knocks back enemies.

When an airburst projectile hits a tornado, the height of the tornado is increased.

This ability is can be used to deal damage, knock enemies, clear multiple groups of enemies, work as partial crowd control and even knock enemies out of the map.


(Zephyr casting Airburst, hitting multiple enemies)

3) Turbulence


Zephyr creates a wind shield around her that causes projectile around her to be deflected, making her untouchable by projectile for the duration of the ability.

This ability makes Zephyr somewhat invulnerable except to melee attacks, status effects and explosions and with the proper use she can completely avoid ranged damage.

The larger the range Zephyr has, makes the shield larger in the shape of a sphere which can render ranged attackers useless unless they switch to melee attacks.


(Zephyr with Turbulence active)


Augment Mod: Jet Stream causes Turbulence to give bonus movement speed and projectile speed for Zephyr and her allies.

4) Tornado


Zephyr summons Tornadoes where she is aiming and which will close in on enemies lifting them up and tossing them about, dealing damage and knocking them around.

Tornados will absorb damage done by Zephyr and her allies which will be distributed to enemies caught in the tornado and include critical hits, status effects and damage from abilities.

Damage that the Tornados absorb effects the elemental damage that they do as magnetic damage is the default and they can be changed on purpose if desired.

If Airburst is cast and a projectile hits a tornado, the tornado will increase in height and be more effective.

Using Tornado can be a good way to deal crowd control or passively kill enemies while Zephyr is busy with other enemies as the Tornados will seek enemies out on their own and can be manipulated to deal more damage by forcing it to absorb damage from you or your team.


(Enemies being affected by Tornado)


Augment Mod: Funnel Clouds cause 8 additional clouds to be spawned at 50% the size and disables them from picking up enemies.

Suggested Builds

Strength Build


The Strength Build for Zephyr focuses on increasing her ability strength with the penalty of a reduction to her ability duration.

This allows Zephyr to deal more damage with her abilities at the cost of them lasting less than normal and mainly reducing the speed and distance of which she travels via Tail Wind.

Tail Wind will do an exceptional amount of damage with the only the distance and speed being the only reduction, however doing dive bombs can cause tremendous amounts of damage.

Airburst remains unaffected by the duration reduction and benefits with great increase in damage as well as a lower energy cost.

Turbulence does not benefit much from the build aside from having a lower energy cost but at the cost of less the duration than normal.

Although Tornado may last less than normal, it still deals a good amount of base damage and can be used well during missions.

This build mostly improves the damage of Zephyrs abilities and makes Tail Wind one of the strongest abilities that she may use by reaching high altitudes and dive bombing enemies.

Airburst and Tornado may be used to pick of low to medium enemies with ease while Turbulence can provide a good amount of protection regardless of its reduced duration.


(Zephyr performing a dive bomb after using Tail Wind)

Range Build


The Range Build focuses on using Zephyrs abilities to an extent where they can affect multiple enemies and hit them from great distances while boosting the range of her Turbulence ability.

With the increased range of her abilities, she may easily affect large groups of enemies and avoid a lot of damage with her protective ability.

Tail Wind will have an increase in speed and range when being cast while still benefiting from a decent amount of damage and the dive bomb will have a much larger radius making it easy to knockback and even kill tons of enemies.

Airburst will deal increased damage and also affect enemies in a very large radius which can cause them to be flung around at great distances and possible even through them out of the map or in areas that cause instant death.

Turbulence will gain a huge boost to its shield radius making the sphere that protects her extremely large making projectiles practically useless and even deflect projectiles that can hit allies due to large size of the shield.

Tornado will have in increase in spawn range which allows it to be positioned at a larger range and have a slightly longer duration.

This build goes well for both crowd control and damage dealing with the additional benefit of very good protection due to Turbulence blocking projectiles in a large area.

Turbulence becomes one of the most useful abilities since the range will block in a spherical shape which can also protect her allies making enemies need to deal melee damage in order to attack Zephyr or her allies.

Airburst becomes very effective and can affect enemies in a large area cause a lot of dismay among enemies and giving the chance for Zephyr and her team to take advantage of the being knocked around if they even survive the initial damage from Airburst.


(Zephyr knocking enemies back with Airburst)

Balanced Build


The purpose of the Balanced Build is to allow Zephyr to freely use all of her abilities whenever she wants while having no negative effects on any of her stats but rather a good balance with all of them.

The ability strength, range and duration will be increased for her abilities while the energy costs will be extremely low allowing her to cast them multiple times.

Tail Wind will have a decent distance and deal good damage while affecting a larger radius making it great for different types of usage.

Airburst will have a good reduction and deal a good amount of damage while affecting a better radius.

Turbulence will last longer and cost less while being able to cover a significantly larger area which is sufficient enough to protect her from several projectiles.

This build is great for beginners and pros since this can prolong Zephyrs air time as well as help her deal good amount of damage and even crowd control on enemies.


(Zephyr using multiple abilities in a mission)



Zephyr became popular during the time when she first got her new changes as well as when her prime variant was released.

She is popular for covering a lot of ground since she can practically fly across great distances making traveling throughout missions or open world areas a piece of cake.

Her abilities are great for both damage and crowd control and with the addition of Turbulence she become practically untouchable, especially when she is in the air.

Her Tail Wind ability can deal devastating damage when used to dive bomb enemies and can be used both strategically as well as offensively.

Tornado and Airburst either together or alone may be used to deal a good amount of damage as well as cause a lot of mayhem with their crowd control capabilities.

It may take some time to get used to, but for those who fancy flight and can handle the mobility of Zephyr, dominating enemies can become easy as you take over both the sky and land.

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