Warframe Titania Build 2024 Guide

Titania Warframe

Titania is a fairy type Warframe who uses her mischievous power to bring enemies into chaos and to manipulate the outcome of the battlefield with her wits and tricks.

She is a very versatile Warframe who also does a good deal of crowd control and damage to multiple enemies with her multiple abilities being able to terrorize large groups to single targets.

How to Get Titania?



Titania and her part blueprints can be obtained by doing “The Silver Grove” quest which can be obtained from the New Loka leader at any relay.

Titania may also be purchased for 275 Platinum and will come already built and ready to use from the market in the orbiter.

In the even that her parts or the Warframe itself is sold or deleted, her main blueprint is available from Cephalon Simaris for 100,000 standing while her part blueprints are available for 50,000 standing.

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(Titania’s Abilities)

Titania has the ability to suspend enemies in the air, force buffs out of her foes, cause an enemy to turn into a destructive lure and transform into her alternate form becoming very elusive and deadly.

His passive ability allows her to create an area buff when she bullet jumps that adds a bonus to distance when bullet jumps or rolls are done in the area.

1) Spellbind


Enemies are stopped in their tracks and become suspended in the air making them unable to fight and vulnerable.

Allies that are nearby will be immune to status effects for a duration as well.

This ability becomes great for crowd control as it makes enemies easier to kill and it also prevent allies from being affected from status effect making it great for both offense and support.


(Titania casting Spellbind on enemies)

2) Tribute


Titania pushes an enemy away, forcing them to leave behind a random buff which has effects on her or her allies that collect them.

Enemies that are pushed aside with a buff extracted become damage and weakened.

The following buffs that can be forced out are:

  • Thorns – Reflects 50% damage back to attackers for 120 seconds while allies also benefit from the buff if they are in 35 meters of Titania.
  • Dust – Enemies within 30 meters will have their accuracy reduced by 50% which makes them miss more often for 120 seconds
  • Full Moon – With the Full Moon aura, companions and Titania’s Razorflies get a 75% increase in damage for 90 seconds while allies will also gain the same benefits if they are within 30 meters of Titania.
  • Entangle – Enemy movement is slowed down for enemies within 30 meters by 25% which lasts for 120 seconds.

This is very useful as these buffs may stack together and all of them may be acquired an although they seem to be mini buffs, they have quite effective bonuses to Titania and her team.


(Titania casting Tribute, forcing buff from enemy)


(Titania collecting random buff from the Tribute ability)

3) Lantern


Titania causes an enemy to be suspended in the air and attract other enemies to walk near it then circle it helplessly.

Enemies will do nothing but walk around the affected enemy and they will begin o take damage over time until the ability ends.

When the duration of the ability ends or when the ability is held down, an explosion will occur, ending the ability and blowing up enemies for heavy damage.

Another great crowd control ability for Titania and probably one of the best as it not only lures all enemies to one spot but it also deals damage to them.

This ability may be cast several times which may lead to multiple enemies levitating, taking damage and multiple explosions occurring.


(Titania casting Lantern on an enemy)


(Titania reactivating the ability, causing an explosion)


Augment Mod: Beguiling Lantern causes enemies that are affected to receive more melee damage.

4) Razorwing


Titania transforms into her other form, shrinking down to size and taking mobility similar to an archwing.

In this form she may fly around freely as long as she does not get too far out of the map, being safe from melee enemies and causing enemies to be less likely to hit her.

During this form she will be using her exalted weapons which are the Dex Pixia which are dual machine pistols and Diwata which is a heavy sword.

With these weapons she can fly around attacking enemies just like in archwing mode until the ability is deactivated.


(Titania casting Razorwing, beginning transformation)


(Titania after initial cast of Razorwing, shrunken and in her fairy mode)


(Titania killing enemies with Dex Pixia)


(Titania killing enemies with Diwata)


Augment Mod: Razorwing Blitz causes Razorwing to have an increase in flight speed and fire rate by 25% for 8 seconds after using an ability which stacks up to 4 times.

Suggested Builds

Balance Build


The Balanced Build is the most common and as it states, balanced build since it has additional stats in all of the ability properties as well as no negative ones.

This is good for beginners and veterans alike since it can help them adjust to the abilities for starting out with Titania or make use of her in a basic yet effective manner.

The duration of her buffs and crowd control abilities will be increased by a decent amount while the energy cost of her abilities is decreased allowing her to cast her abilities more often.

The increased range makes her auras more effective as well as increase the crowd control abilities capabilities while the overall ability strength increases the damage and effects of her abilities.

This build goes well with many missions and can ensure that Titania will be both good for offense and support in missions.


(Titania with multiple abilities active)

Razorwing Build


The Razorwing build mainly helps Titania last longer in her alternate form giving her the advantages of Razorwing with less the cost over time.

The addition to strength will increase her weapons and the duration will allow her to enjoy the flight and the exalted weapons longer than usual.

Crowd control abilities may still be used and buff may be acquired but the range is decreased which might need to be adjusted to.

The decrease in efficiency will make the build cost more when initially casting abilities but the duration will reduce Razorwing’s energy drain.

This works well for those that wish to make use of Razorwing and stay longer in the form giving you the freedom of flight and devastation during missions.


(Titania killing multiple enemies with Razorwing active)

Range Build


This is similar to the previous build however it focuses on giving all of her abilities a longer duration which has no negative ability stats.

This allows Titania to cast all of her abilities with decent ability strength and a long duration.

The efficiency is slightly increase, making it cheaper to cast her abilities while the range is a slightly increased level due to mods to avoid a reduction in the stat.

Titania will be able to provide buffs and crowd control while also staying in her Razorwing form to deal damage.

For those that wish to be on the more supportive side with a twist of offense, this build offers a good amount of crowd control, support and combat capability.


(Titania with multiple enemies affected by her different abilities and other effects)

High Energy Build


Similar to the Balanced Build, the High Energy build offers a decent amount of stats along with the bonus of a high energy pool for Titania to use to her needs.

This allows several abilities to be cast due to the increased ability efficiency and the high amount of energy.

The duration is also increased giving her buffs and her crowd control better use due to the prolonged time.

Ability strength is at a fair amount while range is also increased which makes all of her abilities effective without any negative stats.

This build works well for spamming abilities and for those who can strategically use Titania’s abilities when and where they are needed.


(Titania flying over enemies that she has disable and is attacking)



Titania may appear as a nimble and gentle support Warframe but that’s where most people are wrong as she is both good for offense, support and dealing a whole lot of crowd control.

She is one of the few Warframes that can be situationally used in all missions depending on her customizations due to her unique abilities that provide high amounts of damage, supportive buffs and very effective crowd control.

Her ability to go into her Razorwing mode is similar to using an archwing giving her one of the greatest advantages in the game, able to fly around and move as she pleases.

Those who seek a different approach to enemies and that can provide strategic support along with devastating offense will find Titania a very unique and thrilling Warframe to use.

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