Warframe Nano Spores Farming 2023 Guide


“Fibrous technocyte tumour. Handle Infested tissue with caution”

Nano Spores

This parasitic flesh-like resource can significantly be collected from the infested and other entities. As nasty as it may seem they do come in handy.

Nano Spores are uncommon but can only be found on certain planets but can be found in great numbers and are very easy to farm when players have access to such planets.

Nano Spores are needed for creating several equipment that can be used by the Tenno, such as Warframes, weapons and squad restore items.

Where to farm Nano Spores?

Nano Spores can be found on a few planets and can be farmed easily once the decision on where to farm is made.

Nano Spores farm can be done on Saturn, Neptune, Eris, and Deimos (formerly known as the Orokin Derelict.)

There are several places to farm Nano Spores, but Eris and Deimos appear to be in the lead due to the abundance of infested life on the planets.

The best place to farm Nano Spores would be either on Eris or Deimos while the easiest place to farm Nano Spores for other players is on Saturn.

Zabala (Eris)

Zabala (Eris)

Zabala is a survival mission on Eris, one of the few planets that are infested and is filled only with such enemies which you can make use of heat, slash and gas weapon types to easily kill.

One of the reasons Zabala is considered one of the best places to farm Nano Spores is because it is a Dark Sector survival mission, offering a 30% increased resource drop chance.

While Zabala is not one of the most accessible missions, it remains a favorite due to such a drop chance which players may add to with the usage of a Nekros or Hydroid for better chances at resources.

There are several spots in Zabala which are narrow or good dead ends that players may use when camping or setting enemies up to kill them.

Enemies in Eris are higher in level, but the Dark Sector bonus really adds to a good farming session for Nano Spores drops.

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Terrorem (Deimos)

Terrorem (Deimos)

Terrorem is considered an early game Nano Spores farming destination for most players since it is very accessible, and it is basically one of the main resources on Deimos.

A lot of players will fix their eyes on Deimos as it is very accessible to newer players and now has replaced the older Nano Spores farming locations in the past.

While maps such as Terrorem in Deimos are good ways to get Nano Spores, they also provide other resources to be farmed such as Mutagen Sample and Orokin Cells.

This map can be quite big for some players and a lot of roaming can be done but it is ideal to camp in one area for easy respawning and it advisable to be with a squad for more enemies.

Even a Nekros that is on solo can farm a large amount of Nano Spores in a small amount of time as you can roam and kill to get containers and later on just camp around or do rounds in your favorite parts of the map.

Hyf (Deimos)

Hyf (Deimos)

Hyf is pretty much close to Terrorem in nature although the timing of your extraction depends on the waves and you pretty much get a more controlled flow of enemies.

One of the good things about farming Nano Spores on Hyf is that you not only get the resource you’re after, but you get more of that and some pretty good rewards for each rotation.

Farming Nano Spores here will allow you and your squad to remain in one area while enemies will easily come to you, allowing you to fight them easily with a lot of space for you to move around in.

Using Warframes that have abilities to kill enemies in an area are a good pick, especially Warframes like Hydroid with his Pilfering Swarm or Khora with her Pilfering Strangledome to force out more loot from enemies.

Titan (Saturn)

Titan (Saturn)

Although Titan is considered easier, when it comes to where to get Nano Spores early game, some players prefer missions in Deimos, since it is now more accessible after the Heart of Deimos update.

Saturn Nano Spore farming is still popular since the Grineer enemies seem to drop a good amount when they are killed, making Titan retain its position in this guide.

Not only is Titan a good alternative to lower level Nano Spore farming areas, it also gives players the comfort of fighting the Grineer and using any builds they have that are good at killing them.

Deimos has become more popular due to it being easier to get to and since it has caught a lot of attraction after it was introduced but Titan is still a site for many who go Nano Spore farming.


  • Nano Spores drop in large amounts and it is easy for players to farm them, especially when in a squad due to the number of enemies that spawn.
  • Bringing a Smeeta Kavat with you can boost the amount of Nano Spores you get greatly, and this is increased even more if you have a resource booster as they stack.
  • It is possible to buy Nano Spores for 30 Platinum, giving you 3,000 but this is not advised since you can farm that much or more in a single session.


You will eventually gain a large amount, once you figure out how to farm Nano Spores efficiently and may not even notice how much you get when you visit planets to do missions.

Those that use energy, ammo and health restore gear usually need a lot of this as well for crafting restores that are quite significant in long missions.

Not only needed for gear, Nano Spores should be saved up for later as new equipment will eventually come, and players may need as much as they can get to craft.

For a more detailed guide on how to farm resources, click here to see the different ways to farm as well as a guide on what can be used to farm efficiently.

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