Salvage Farm 2024 (Best Locations & Missions): Warframe

Salvage is a common resource used for crafting most of the necessities in Warframe, making it essential if you have a lot of pending items to craft.

While Salvage is required in different amounts, you will eventually get a lot of this resource once you have made your way through the main story.

Even if Salvage can be easy to farm at times, there are certain missions that you can pick out that will make stocking up on the resource very fast.

SF-1“High value materials collected from war salvage”

How To Get Salvage?

Salvage can be obtained in many ways as long as you are farming it on a planet that has it in its resource drop list. (Seen when viewing the planet)

You can get Salvage by killing enemies found in missions on these planets as well as open Storage Lockers and destroy containers to get it.

A guaranteed way to get them in such missions is by destroying Compacted Salvage, which is chucks of Salvage that contain the resource.

Salvage Locations

Salvage can be found on Jupiter, Mars, Sedna, and in the Kuva Fortress, where you can kill enemies and roam to find items that contain loot.

Some of the best places to farm Salvage are on Jupiter and in the Kuva Fortress as these both have it as their primary resource.

Other options such as farming on Mars and Sedna can be good choices as well since they have Dark Sectors that provide an increased Resource Drop Chance.


Best Missions to Farm Salvage

1) Elara (Jupiter)


Elara is a decently low-level mission and the corpus enemies do not pose much of a threat since you will easily be able to take them out.

The Corpus moves slowly and doesn’t have that much protection at low levels, which makes any decent weapon with a simple build good enough to clear groups of enemies.

A great way to farm would be roaming around destroying loot containers and opening storage lockers while killing enemies when soloing.

2) Cameria (Jupiter)


Cameria is considered one of the best missions for farming Salvage as Jupiter has the best chance of dropping it along with Cameria being a Dark Sector mission.

You can find tons of Compacted Salvage and kill enemies while you are roaming around opening Storage Lockers and destroying loot containers.

The 20% increased Resource Drop Chance along with Salvage being a primary resource makes farming a large amount easy within a few rotations.

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3) Taveuni (Kuva Fortress)

Kuva Fortress is another location where you can get Salvage and one of the better missions to farm this resource is in Taveuni.

Taveuni will have you going against the Grineer as it isn’t a Dark Sector mission but those who have modded their weapons to deal extra damage against the faction.

This mission still has a good chance to provide you with Salvage since it is the first resource listed in the Kuva Fortress drop table.

4) Sangeru (Sedna)

If you would rather do a defense mission instead of survival, Sangeru can be a good alternative to the Dark Sectors from Jupiter.

Enemies will come at you in waves, which can provide you with Salvage and upon completing each rotation you get a bonus reward.

Some players prefer to go against the Grineer than the Infested at times depending on which Warframes they are using.


Once you figure out which location to farm Salvage best suits you, getting a lot of the resources should be a piece of cake for you.

You should be able to get thousands of Salvage once you have completed four or more rotations, along with more loot from killing enemies.

Eventually, you will be able to obtain enough resources to craft what you need and can later farm more Salvage when you plan on crafting other equipment.

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