Morphics Farming 2023 Guide


“An amorphous solid. PossibleyOrokin technology”


This material that has no permanent or certain shape appears to be of an unknown type and might have been created through the use of Orokin technology.

Morphics are one of the very important resources in the game as they are required to craft a numerous amount of equipment that can furthermore improve your arsenal.

The main uses for Morphics are for weapons and Warframe parts, and knowing how to farm Morphics will make preparing for future equipment easy.

Where to farm Morphics?

Knowing where to farm Morphics will be a great help for farming either a certain blueprint or preparing for future blueprints.

Figuring out which is the best place to farm Morphics in 202 can be a big help in the long run, especially when certain gear will require you get out of your way to look for them.

Morphics may be considered a rare resource but its drop rate is much higher than most rare resources, making it one of the easiest rare resources to farm.

You can find that Mercury, Mars, Europa, Phobos and Pluto are the planets that have Morphics as part of their drops.

Although most all the mentioned planets have Morphics, we stick with Mars due to the availability of a Dark Sector mission as well as a convenient level of enemies that makes farming easy.

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1) Ara (Mars)

Ara (Mars

One of the best Morphics locations would be on Ara since the mission is accessible as players first start out, providing them with early game Morphics when needed.

This is considered an easy way to get Morphics since you can do the mission and not even notice if you have acquired the resource.

Using a Warframe to quickly complete the objective is ideal for this mission and after you capture the target, you may proceed with searching for loot containers or killing enemies as you make your way to extraction.

2) Wahiba (Mars)

Wahiba (Mars)

Wahiba is a very easy mission and just the right set of equipment should be able to get you through with a good session that gets you enough Morphics drops for crafting.

You will be going against the infested in a renewed map from previous updates, which is fixed well enough to give you enough space to lure enemies in place or camp in certain spots.

Since Wahiba is a Dark Sector mission, players that farm here are granted a 20% resource drop chance bonus.

Enemies and loot containers have a chance to drop Morphics and roaming around would be a good idea before deciding on camping if you prefer to camp in a spot.

Bringing Warframes that can squeeze out loot from enemies (Nekros or Hydroid mainly) will greatly increase the chance of getting Morphics.

3) Iliad (Phobos)

Iliad (Phobos)

Iliad can be an easy way to get Morphics due to players just needing to kill The Sergeant and extract afterwards.

The Sergeant has a good chance to drop Morphics and can be farmed quickly with almost any Warframe, provided you are at least at an equal level when it comes to gear.

Phobos Morphics drops are quite common at times and you may find yourself obtaining Morphics as you make your way to The Sergeant as well.


  • Missions such as Ara (Mars) or Iliad (Phobos) require that you can simply do a speedrun of the mission, making it quite easy to farm Morphics if you have a quick Warframe.
  • On endless missions such as Wahiba, a Hydroid or a Nekros will be a good help when farming, especially if they are teamed up with a squad.
  • Morphics may drop from enemies and containers, so don’t forget to open lockers and destroy containers if you are on the hunt for Morphics.


If you know how to farm Morphics then this will benefit you a lot when you will be required to provide some for most of your blueprints.

Several equipment requires Morphics and having an abundant supply ready is good for when you need them, especially late game.

Although Morphics is rare, it is not that hard to farm as long as you stick to planets where you can easily kill enemies or missions that you can complete quickly.

For a more detailed guide on how to farm resources, click here to see the different ways to farm as well as a guide on what can be used to farm efficiently.

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