Morphics Farm 2024 (Best Locations & Missions): Warframe

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Morphics are one of the very important resources in the game as they are required to craft a numerous amount of equipment that can furthermore improve your arsenal.

The main uses for Morphics are for weapons and Warframe parts, and knowing how to farm Morphics will make preparing for future equipment easy.

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How To Get Morphics?

Morphics are resources that drop from enemies when you kill them but this must be on the planets where it is listed under its drops.

Aside from killing enemies, you may also get Morphics by looting containers and Storage Lockers that can be found around the map.

Morphics may also be obtained by destroying a Morphics Stabilizer, which can be found on planets where the resource drops.

Where to farm Morphics?

Morphics may be considered a rare resource, but its drop rate is much higher than most rare resources, making it an easy resource to get your hands on.

You can find Morphics on Europa, Mars, Mercury, Phobos, and Pluto by killing enemies, roaming missions, and finding Morphic stabilizers.

Although almost all the mentioned planets have Morphics, the chances of getting this resource are higher on Europa, Mars, and Mercury.

Best Missions To Farm Morphics

1) Ara (Mars)

Ara (Mars

This assassination mission is one of the best ways to get Morphics since you can find a lot of Morphics Stabilizers when you roam the mission.

You also get a chance to obtain Morphics when you kill enemies as you make your way to the boss as well as when you head for extraction.

Even the loot containers have a good chance to drop Morphics and once the boss is killed you can extract right away from the mission.

2) Wahiba (Mars)

Wahiba (Mars)

Wahiba has weak enemies that you can easily kill and staying in the mission for a prolonged period is a good way to get Morphics. (Use a Farming Warframe)

Since you can roam around in the mission, it would be best to track loot on your map to find containers as well as Morphics Stabilizers to destroy.

Mars is well known for having a lot of Morphics hidden around in its missions, which makes combining roaming and killing enemies one of the best ways to farm Morphics.

3) Iliad (Phobos)

Iliad (Phobos)

Iliad can be an easy way to get Morphics due to players just needing to kill The Sergeant and extract afterward.

The Sergeant has a good chance to drop Morphics and can be farmed quickly with almost any Warframe, provided you are at least at an equal level when it comes to gear.

Phobos Morphics drops are quite common at times and you may find yourself obtaining Morphics as you make your way to The Sergeant as well.

4) Apollodorus (Mercury)

Apollodorus is one of the easiest missions you can do in the system and since Mercury has Morphics in its drop table, you will be able to find Morphics.

The enemies in the mission are easy to kill as the Infested will have a lower level than most of the enemies that you encounter in other locations.

This makes Apollodorus a good mission for players who have just started playing the game and need to get their hands on the resource.


Morphics appears to be easily farmed by searching for Morphics Stabilizers and if you are lucky you can get 5 or more in a single run.

A lot of equipment crafting requires Morphics and having an abundant supply ready is good for when you need them, especially late game.

Although Morphics is rare, it is not that hard to farm if you stick to planets where you can easily kill enemies or missions that you can complete quickly.

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