Warframe The Sergeant Guide 2024 (Drops, Location, Defeating & Weakness)

The Sergeant is one of the easier bosses that you encounter in Warframe who has a similar appearance to a Corpus Sniper Crewman.

Being one of the higher-ranking Corpus enemies, The Sergeant oversees certain Corpus operations that pose a threat to the Tenno and multiple systems.

Strangely, The Sergeant has a knack for insulting the Tenno and will often taunt them as they make their way to his area.

The Sergeant boss warframe

The Sergeant LocationThe Sergeant can be found during the Iliad Assassination Mission

Upon reaching Phobos, players can fight their way through various missions until they unlock the Iliad (Assassination Mission), where The Sergeant will be encountered.

Starting the Iliad mission will set the Tenno on a path to hunt down The Sergeant after infiltrating a Corpus Ship.

How To Defeat The Sergeant?Fighting with The Sergeant

Killing The Sergeant is not a very hard task once you have progressed through the game and have upgraded your equipment.

You will start by entering a Corpus Ship, where you will have to make your way to The Sergeant’s location to assassinate him.

Once you reach The Sergeant, killing him will be as easy as killing any other Corpus enemy but he does have a few tricks up his sleeve, such as concealing himself for a short duration.

One of the most annoying things is that he can disappear, which makes it a good time to kill the other Corpus enemies until he reappears.

Headshots will deal a good amount of damage to The Sergeant and he will not have any way to prevent his death if you are capable of dealing a massive amount of damage in an instant.

The Sergeant WeaknessesThe Sergeant Weakness

Resembling a Sniper Crewman, The Sergeant wields a Lanka (Sniper Rifle) and will often attempt to use it from a distance after escaping you during the fight.

The following are his health stats:

Proto Shield (1000)

  • Magnetic+++
  • Toxin+
  • Impact+

Ferrite Armor (150)

  • Corrosive+++
  • Puncture++

Flesh (500)

  • Viral++
  • Toxin++
  • Slash+

The Sergeant Drops

Once The Sergeant is defeated, he has a chance to drop certain items from his loot table, and upon completing the mission, you will receive a Component Blueprint for the Mag Warframe.

The following are items that can be dropped by The Sergeant:

  • Magazine Warp
  • Thief’s Wit
  • Reflex Coil
  • Shocking Touch
  • Orokin Cell

The Sergeant has the chance to reward the following Mag (Warframe) Components:

  • Mag Neuroptics: 38.72%
  • Mag Chassis: 38.72%
  • Mag Systems: 22.56%


  • Corpus enemies, including The Sergeant, are easy to damage and this makes almost any weapon efficient when it comes to dealing damage to him.
  • Using Magnetic and Viral weapons can easily take out The Sergeant’s shields as well as deal damage to his health, which can kill him with only a few hits.
  • Aiming for his head can deal a good amount of damage as he shares similar weaknesses that other Corpus units have.
  • Even if The Sergeant conceals himself, you can still hit him while he is invisible, and this can save you the time from waiting for him to reappear.


The Mag Component Blueprints will appear once you have defeated The Sergeant and have extracted from the mission. (You can check the mission summary to see what you obtained)

Although The Sergeant has been a boss in Phobos for a very long time, there is not much of a backstory for him, and he is always considered one of the easiest bosses to kill.

The biggest threat that you can encounter in the Iliad mission is the vast number of enemies, but this should not be too hard since Corpus enemies are often very squishy.

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