Guide on Defeating The Sergeant (Farm Mag)

Killing The Sergeant

(The Sergeant as seen in mission)

The Sergeant is one of the easiest bosses you will fight in Warframe and won’t be much of a threat when you face him in battle.

This boss is in charge of Corpus operations and is the appointed leader at the facility he is located in on Phobos.

He seems to hate the Tenno so much that he has several taunts that he using verbally to insult you.



(Iliad mission on Phobos)

The Sergeant may be found on the assassination mission Iliad on Phobos.

Special Rewards

Mag Parts


(Mag parts obtained from mission)

If you are looking for how to get Mag, then defeating The Sergeant will reward you with a random Mag part upon extraction.

Lech Kril has the chance to reward the following Excalibur parts:

  • Mag Neuroptics: 38.72%
  • Mag Chassis: 38.72%
  • Mag Systems: 22.56%

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How to kill The Sergeant?

Killing The Sergeant is not really a very hard task in Warframe but for those who tend to rush to do certain missions or those who are not use to games like Warframe, there might still be challenge.


You will begin by entering the Corpus facility where you will have a waypoint set which you must head to in order to fight The Sergeant.


Continue to make your way through the facility by either fighting enemies or running past them while heading to the waypoint.


Unlike other assassination missions, there will be no cutscene and instead you will see the Sergeant marked with a red marker.

Proceed to head towards him and engage him as you would any enemy but do be careful if you are not ready, you could sustain a bit of damage.


One of the most annoying this is that he can disappear so try to kill him as soon as possible to avoid trying to look for him after.


Just like any other Corpus enemy, The Sergeant is weak against headshots and can practically be taken down just the same way only with a bit more health.

You should be able to take him out easily with basic mods and the mission should not take up too much time.

The Sergeant


(The Sergeant information)

The Sergeant is not that special and is just a stronger enemy resembling a Crewman who has been equipped with a Lanka.

He has the ability to disappear as well which makes him annoying but he is not really that hard to kill and should be dead within seconds.

For those who have a hard time, using magnetic damage for his shields and viral damage for his health is advised.



(The Sergeant defeated)

The Sergeant is not really hard to kill and it should be easy for any weapon to kill him, especially when modded well.

Using Magnetic and Viral weapons magnetic, viral and toxin weapons will deal good amounts of damage against him.

Aiming for his head can deal a good amount of damage as he is almost as week as any other Corpus unit.


(Iliad mission results)

Upon defeating The Sergeant and extracting from the mission, you will be rewarded with a random part blueprint for the Mag Warframe.

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