Warframe The Jackal Guide 2024 (Defeating, Location, Drops & Weakness)

While taking on missions as you progress through Venus, you will come across The Jackal before you can get to the Venus-Mercury Junction.

The Jackal is a Corpus boss that the Tenno will need to defeat, going up against its brute strength and its dangerous arsenal in a closed arena-like area.

This enemy was designed by the Corpus and is known to be a refined creation of theirs, which was created as a “Lethal Security Proxy.”

The Jackal boss Warframe

The Jackal LocationThe Jackal location is Venus

The Jackal is located on Venus and can be encountered by starting Fossa, an Assassination Mission that becomes available after you have completed the Aphrodite Mission.

Venus is often one of the earliest planets that you unlock after starting on Earth, which requires the completion of the Earth-Venus Junction.

How To Defeat the Jackal?Shooting The Jackal

The Jackal will come at you with a huge arsenal from firing rockets at you to using abilities such as a shockwave that knocks you down or a volley of plasma grenades.

Projectiles that it fires can be avoided by staying mobile, which can either be sprinting around or bullet jumping from one spot to another.

It will attack you with its arsenal and eventually become invulnerable as it rises to let out multiple walls that rotate around it, damaging whatever it touches.

As it drops to the ground, a shockwave will be emitted, and it will begin attacking you once again with its many weapons.

You may notice that its limbs are vulnerable, and you can destroy them, which will cause The Jackal to fall to the ground when it lands after its wall attack.

Performing special attack on The Jackal

Once The Jackal falls to the ground due to its damaged leg, you will be able to approach it and perform a special attack. (Parazon Attack)

This will take a portion of its health away and you will need to repeat this 4 times before The Jackal will finally be defeated.

After The Jackal has been defeated, you can make your way to the extraction point to complete the assassination mission.

The Jackal WeaknessesThe Jackal Weaknesses

The Jackal is a heavily armored and shielded enemy, but it can still be disabled when its limbs are targeted to take damage to its health.

The following are the health stats of The Jackal:

Proto Shield (2000)

  • Magnetic+++
  • Toxin+
  • Impact+

Alloy Armor (100)

  • Radiation+++
  • Cold+
  • Puncture+

Robotic (1500)

  • Electricity++
  • Radiation+
  • Puncture+

The Jackal Drops

Once you have defeated The Jackal, it will drop certain items from its drop table, which includes a Rhino Component Blueprint.

The following items may drop when The Jackal is defeated:

  • Stropha Blueprint
  • Stahlta Blueprint
  • Blunderbuss
  • Jackal Sigil
  • Ruinous Extension
  • Shell Compression
  • Tactical Pump
  • Handspring
  • Orokin Cell
  • Shock Absorbers

Players may continuously grind the fight with The Jackal to obtain all the components necessary for crafting Rhino. (Blueprint is purchased from the Market)

The Jackal has the chance to reward the following Rhino (Warframe) Components:

  • Rhino Neuroptics: 38.72%
  • Rhino Chassis: 38.72%
  • Rhino Systems: 22.56%


  • Radiation is a good choice for your Damage Type as it deals increased damage to both Alloy Armor and The Jackal’s Robotic Health.
  • Hiding behind the pillars is a good way to survive its attacks, especially when you are using Warframes that can’t take a lot of damage.
  • An easy way to defeat the Jackal will be to hide behind a pillar and wait for the opportune moment when the pillar is the only thing between the two of you.


The Jackal is one of the Corpus’ deadliest creations and only by destroying it can you prevent them from conquering their victims.

While this enemy may be tough and dangerous, watching out for its attack patterns and damaging it at the right time can make the fight end quickly.

The Rhino Components that it drops are rewarded once you extract and you will be able to see which part you get via the mission summary.

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