Valheim: Inventory Management Guide

Valheim Inventory Management

Your inventory is important in Valheim and you need to make sure you have everything in the right place so you don’t have to go scrounging around looking for an item here and there.

Managing your inventory can be easier once you figure out how to effectively transfer items, split them and store them for later use.

There are certain tips and tricks when it comes to managing your inventory and most of these will make your life much easier.

Inventory Stacks

Items will stack depending on the type of item they are, for example, some items stack by 20x and others by 50x.

You can make use of this to save up on inventory space and instead of directly placing the item in your inventory, you can place it on a similar item type to fill the stack.

Sometimes you may pick up items and end up have two different stacks in your inventory which is why you need to double-check whenever you can if you are running low on space.

How To Split Item Stacks?

Let’s say you want to craft something, but you don’t want to take the whole stack of items with you because you need to head out or you can’t carry the weight.

You can easily split stacks by holding the SHIFT key and clicking on the item you want to split a stack from.

A Slider will appear and you can select how many of that item type that you want and press okay to hold on to it so you can place it in your inventory, chest, or another slot.

Using Storage Chests

Chests are important and judging by the number of items in the game, you will need quite a few, so it’s good to invest in chests early on after building your home.

If you are on the go, you can store chests in a location that you can come back to later on but it is still good to have a main base eventually for crafting and progressing in the game.

There are multiple chests that allow you to store your items, the following are the chests you can build:

  • Chest (10 slots)
  • Reinforced Chest (18 slots)
  • Personal Chest (6 slots and only accessible by owner)

How To Transfer Items Fast?

Instead of clicking on an item and dragging it to another slot or into another chest, you can simply hold CTRL and click on the item you want to transfer.

When you use this method to transfer items, it will either move the item from your inventory to the storage of the other object or the other way around.

In regards to how to throw items away fast, holding CTRL and clicking on an item when you are not accessing any storage object will cause the item you click to be tossed.

Inventory Weight Limit

Your character can only carry up to 350 when it comes to weight, which can be upgraded later on through the purchase and equipping of the Meginjord, a magical belt.

This will allow you to carry up to 450 in weight but even though you have this, you will still end up with a lot of weight from time to time.

It is important you always check your inventory weight if you are farming because you might not pick up everything that you need due to the limit.

By checking your inventory weight, you can decide on what items you need to toss or set aside so you can grab the more important items on the ground.


Inventory Size

Your character can carry up to 32 items which are 8 items on your equipment slots and 24 items in your inventory slots.

The inventory space allows you to carry multiple items and at this moment there is currently no inventory increase through items or upgrades.

You can however increase the weight limit of your character with the Meginjord belt which is purchasable from the Merchant Haldor.


There are a lot of ways for you to manage your inventory and a lot of methods when it comes to storing your items.

A Cart is also a great way to carry around the items that you need and haul resources that you are farming from one place to another.

Stacking chests is a good way of saving up space in your base and it is much easier to access items when the chests are all lined up, neat, and tidy.

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