Valheim: Coins Farming Guide (How to Farm, Selling Items & Uses)

Valheim Coins

Like in most games, there is usually a currency and some kind of merchant that you can purchase things from, but this is not common for some survival games.

In Valheim, there is a merchant that you can find as you explore your map, and once you do, he will offer specific items at a fixed price.

This is where Coins come in as you will need them to purchase some of the most important items in the game, such as Ymir Flesh, the Meginjord, and the Dverger Circlet. 

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How To Farm Coins?

There are many ways that allow you to farm Coins in Valheim, and some are easier but provide small amounts, while others prove to be challenging but rewarding as well.

Exploring Dungeons

There are certain dungeons in Valheim that you can explore, which often have Coins lying around or stored in chests.

You can enter these dungeons but beware of the enemies within them as they can sometimes catch you off guard as you search for goodies.

Sometimes you can get a large number of Coins by exploring a single dungeon, and this can, later on, be a big help as you start in the earlier stages of Valheim.

You may find Burial Grounds around the Black Forest and some parts of the Meadows near them, and Troll Caves may also be seen in nearby spots.

Sunken Crypts are usually found in the Swamp biome, but you will need a Swamp Key to access these, dropped by the second boss in Valheim, The Elder.

Hunting Trolls

Trolls are large creatures that can be found in the Black Forest, but these can be tough to kill on your own if you are not well-equipped.

A large sum of Coins may be dropped when a Troll is killed, and you can take advantage of their slow movement to farm them.

You easily kite trolls and avoid their attacks which makes farming them relatively easy, mainly when you use different types of arrows to either burn, poison, or slow them down.

Hunting Fulings

If you have come within proximity or have entered the Plains biome, you may notice that there are small humanoid creatures known as Fulings.

These creatures are known to be greedy and addicted to treasure and other valuable goods, so killing them can yield you most of their possessions.

Killing a lot of Fulings will yield many Coins from time to time and provide you with Black Metal, which also comes in handy in the late-game.

Searching for Fuling settlements will provide you with a good Coins farm location, and by clearing out all the enemies in the area, you are bound to farm Coins fast.

Digging Up Graves

You may sometimes see a strange pile of stones or tombstone-shaped rocks in certain areas, and these are usually Viking graves.

It is possible to destroy the rocks and dig around the area, which can reveal bones, Coins, and other valuables that have been buried with the Vikings.

Sometimes digging around a grave will reveal a hidden chest that has loot that may also include Coins inside.

Looting Chests

You can find many chests in Valheim, and while most of them are in dungeons, you can also find some lying around in old buildings.

Within these chests, you can find several sets of loot, most of them including Coins along with other suitable items.

Selling Valuable Items

Another way for you to get Coins in Valheim is to sell your valuable items, which refer to specific loot that Haldor buys from players.

In order to find these times, you will need to explore dungeons or loot items that you find in chests or from graves that you have dug up.

You can sell items to Haldor once you open his shop and have valuables in your inventory as this is their only use in the game.

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Coins Uses

Coins are mainly used for purchasing items from Haldor, the merchant, who is usually found in a specific spot, usually in the Black Forest biome.

You may need to explore a bit to find Haldor’s location, and setting up a Portal would be a good idea once you do so that you can travel back and forth to where he is.

There are currently only a few items that you can buy from him, but new items may soon be added in future updates.

As of now, the most essential items are usually the Meginjord, Dverger Circlet, as well as fishing items such as the Fishing Rod and Fishing Bait.

Coins can be used to purchase the following items:

  • Yule Hat – 100x Coins
  • Dverger Circlet – 620x Coins
  • Megingjord – 900x Coins
  • Ymir Flesh – 120x Coins
  • Fishing Rod – 350x Coins
  • Fishing Bait – 10x Coins


As you continue to explore in Valheim, you will come across a lot of Coins as well as valuable items that can be sold for them

It is ideal to stock up on Coins for later on when you find Haldor or when you need to purchase specific items from him later on.

Coins can stack up to 999x per item slot and should be stored whenever you reach your base to make sure you do not lose them.

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