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ARk Pelt

When it’s cold in certain biomes or you need fluffy items made for comfort, there is no better resource to turn to than Pelt for crafting.

Pelt is a resource that can be harvested from creatures and is used to create some of the more comfortable items to protect you against cold weather or for making furniture.

It is one of the few items in Ark with substitutable items which include Wool and Human Hair, Pelt being the more common of them to farm and use.

How to Farm Pelt?

Pelt can only be harvested (if not obtained by grinding already crafted items) from creatures that have fur on them.

You will usually find most of the creatures in the colder biomes with fur to be a good source of Pelt for crafting.

Killing a creature that drops fur and harvesting its body will provide you with a certain amount of Pelt, but not all creatures have to be searched for in cold places.

Harvestable Creatures

Pelt Uses

Pelt can be used to mainly craft the Fur Set, an important set that allows players to survive in extremely cold weather.

It is also used for a few other items, including a weapon, some furniture, a consumable, saddle, and a few skins.

An important use for Pelt also includes Bug Repellant as this item allows you to approach certain bug creatures without being attacked, useful for taming them and surviving caves.


  • Lance


  • Fur Boots
  • Fur Cap
  • Fur Chestpiece
  • Fur Gauntlets
  • Fur Leggings


  • Procoptodon Saddle


  • Bunk Bed
  • Shag Rug
  • Tek Sleeping Pod


  • Dino Santa Hat Skin
  • Santa Hat Skin


  • Bug Repellant

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Pelt Substitutes

There are currently two items that may be used to substitute Pelt if none are available, which are Wool and Human Hair.

Wool can be obtained by sheering Ovis with Scissors, which can also be used to cut the hair off of humans to provide Human Hair.


Pelt is a great resource to keep around but it can sometimes be heavy when it comes to weight, making it necessary to bring a creature that isn’t encumbered easily.

If you have a base in an area that is cold or should you be heading into a cold place or cave, it is wise to prepare a Fur Set by obtaining Pelt to craft it.

Bug Repellant can come in hand on different occasions, which makes it important to have a ready stock of Pelt for crafting it.

Bunk Beds are a sturdier and more useful type of bed, which makes it necessary to get Pelt to upgrade from the more primitive Bed.

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