ARK Rhyniognatha (Taming, Controls, Location, Abilities & Uses)

Make way for one of the most terrifying sky predators that were introduced to the game, the Rhyniognatha.

This large invertebrate is an aggressive omnivore that can be found flying around, hunting both predators and prey alike to sate its hunger.

Many have dubbed this creature the “Attack Helicopter” of Ark, being able to deal damage, carry large creatures, and be used as heavy transport.

ARK Rhyniognatha

Rhyniognatha AbilitiesRhyniognatha Abilities

1) Resin Armor

The Rhyniognatha coats itself with Resin Armor, reducing the amount of damage it takes from hostiles as long as it has Resin in its inventory.

This is a great way to protect the Rhyniognatha from damage as you fight your enemies and make it easier to take on damage straightforwardly.

This will cost 1 Resin every 30 seconds while the ability is active.


  • CTRL+C (for PC)
  • RB+R (for Xbox)
  • R1+R (for PS4)

2) Taunt

Using this ability causes the Rhyniognatha to unleash a terrifying screech that frightens even the largest of creatures to run away from it.

You can use this ability to scatter your enemies, leaving players unable to control their tames or making wild creatures run in fear for 10 seconds.

This ability may only be used when the Rhyniognatha is on the ground and has a 30-second cooldown.


  • C (for PC)
  • RS (for Xbox)
  • RS  (for PS4)

3) Carry Creature/Player

This creature can carry both players and creatures to transport them at a quick pace across the map, which even allows it to pick up a T-rex.

You can use this to transport farming dinos, kidnap enemy dinos and even move structures such as vaults from one place to another.


  •  CTR+RMB/MMB (for PC)
  •  RB+RT(for Xbox)
  •  R1+R2 (for PS4)

4) Fire Resin

The Rhyniognatha is capable of firing different projectiles and this may be toggled when you are mounting the creatures.

You can choose between Resin Needles, Rockets, and Bombs, which each have their effects on their targets.

Resin Needles deal damage to targets and can be fired in quick succession, which requires 1 Resin per shot.

Resin Rockets will damage enemies and apply a Resin Debuff to them, which slows them down and eventually can crystalize them.

Resin Bombs will lob a chunk of Resin at a location, covering the ground with Resin Goo that will build the Resin Debuff the longer the enemy is standing in it.


  • RMB (for PC)
  • LT (for Xbox)
  • L2 (for PS4)

Cycle through different fire modes by holding Reload or pressing the melee+aim buttons/keys.

5) Produce Resin

When the Rhyniognatha has Sap in its inventory, it will convert 1 Sap into 1 Resin every 5 seconds, allowing it to replenish its stocks.

This is important for maintaining the Rhyniognatha’s ammo and allows it to keep Resin Armor active for a long period.

6) Skim Water/Dive

Similar to other invertebrates, the Rhyniognatha can skim over the water and may even dive under, making it a great mount on different occasions.

You can skim on the water by landing on it or dive down by flying straight into the water and may even fly out of it afterward.

For What Rhyniognatha Can be Used?

Below are the uses of Rhyniognatha:

1) Assault

The Rhyniognatha can assault enemies from a distance with its different projectiles and may deal a lot of damage to enemies from near and afar.

2) Scout

With the ability to quickly fly around, the Rhyniognatha can be used to scout locations for locating enemy bases or searching for resources.

3) Escort

With its ability to deal damage to enemies, the Rhyniognatha makes a good aerial escort that can cover both air and land creatures.

4) Transport

This creature has a decent amount of weight on it and may be used to transport resources as well as creatures, being able to carry even a Rex or a Diplo as well as anything smaller.

5) Crowd Control

With its ability to shoot out Resin projectiles, the Rhyniognatha can slow enemies and even stop them in their place.

This gives you the opportunity of gaining an advantage over enemies or wild creatures who are unlucky enough to be hit by the projectiles.

How to Tame a Rhyniognatha?Killing a Rhyniognatha to get a Rhyniognatha Pheromone

While a Rhyniognatha cannot be tamed, you can force it to lay an egg into one of your dinos, which will need to be taken care of once implanted.

To do this, you will need to kill a Rhyniognatha first to get a Rhyniognatha Pheromone, which can be consumed by your tames.

Once your tame has consumed the Rhyniognatha Pheromone, you will need to find a female Rhyniognatha and reduce its health to about 10%

This will cause the Rhyniognatha to lay an egg into your tamed creature and you will need to feed the creature whatever food it craves for.

Once the incubation time for the egg is done, your creature will die and a Juvenile Rhyniognatha will emerge from within it.

This will allow you to take care of the juvenile until it fully grows and that is how you will get a Rhyniognatha.

What Does a Rhyniognatha Eat?

Rhyniognatha are known to be omnivorous and will consume both meat and berries but it is better to have meat on them because consuming that will heal a bit.

Rhyniognatha SaddleRhyniognatha Saddle

You can craft the Rhyniognatha Saddle once you have unlocked its engram and this will be required for you to ride the creature.

Rhyniognatha Saddle crafting resources:

  • 30 X Crystal
  • 200 x Fiber
  • 150 x Hide
  • 150 x Metal Ingot
  • 60 x Polymer


The Rhyniognatha cannot be bred nor can it be cloned but you can obtain a Juvenile Rhyniognatha through its taming process.


Resources Harvested from Rhyniognatha Body

  • Raw Meat
  • Chitin
  • Rhyniognatha Pheromone (Loot)

Rhyniognatha Spawn Locations

The Rhyniognatha can be found mainly in swamp biomes and is only present on The Island near redwoods and The Center as of now.

You can see them most of the time flying around and they will often attack other wild creatures on sight regardless of their size.

You can find them at The Writhing Swamps on The Island by searching around the swamp near the Redwood Area.

On The Center, it is said that you can find them around the Swamp biome, which is located in the middle where there is a ring of waterfalls.

OverviewRhyniognatha Flying

The Rhyniognatha is a great mount for being in different situations as it can be great for transporting your creatures and resources or attacking enemies.

While the methods to obtain it may be a bit difficult for those without tanky tames, it is all worth the effort once the Rhyniognatha has matured.

Keep in mind that having a ton of Sap is the best way to have an unlimited amount of protection and ammo for this flying terror.

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